Seven ETH won with a single CryptoDoll!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Mar 26 · 3 min read

The 70 ETH doll is still out there to be won — will you collect it?

Hi CryptoDozers

More fantastic news! Another skillful player has earned some serious ETH. This time, user Cuttie, managed to collect our Lei CryptoDoll, worth seven ETH & one of CryptoDozer’s high-value ETH CryptoDolls. Cuttie had never played a crypto game before trying CryptoDozer, it’s amazing — from novice to winner with their first cryptogame!

Fantastic news for the players of CryptoDozer, the high-value CryptoDolls are out there and being collected. Will you join in and collect your own high-value CryptoDoll?

The seven ETH doll is just one of a number of high-value CryptoDolls players can collect in CryptoDozer. With some CryptoDolls worth 10 or 30ETH as well as the ultimate 70ETH doll all waiting to be won there are plenty of chances for players to earn some serious ETH with CryptoDozer!

“We are delighted that, so soon after giving out 10ETH we get to give out a further seven ETH to another skillful CryptoDozer player. It’s great that people are not only playing but are earning ETH with CryptoDozer. Giving away another seven ETH in just one doll, to one lucky player is fantastic! Well done to another serious doll winner, a player using the nickname Cuttie.”

- PlayDapp Team.

We asked Cuttie about their time with the game, seeing what it was that makes a skillful player like them tick.

CryptoDozer Team: What were your impressions about winning 7 ETH?

Cuttie: Initially I didn’t know the value of the doll. I just saw the first drop of a rainbow-colored doll, I felt an extreme excitement because it was just so pretty!

CryptoDozer Team: What is it specifically about CryptoDozer that you like the best? & Why do you keep playing CryptoDozer?

Cuttie: The best part is that I can convert dolls into ETH so that I can continue to play. I keep playing because there are multiple fun factors in the game — collecting dolls, the special items like fever and of course the joy of saving special coins and opening a red chest.

CryptoDozer Team: What other Crypto games do you play & how does CryptoDozer compare?

Cuttie: Actually this is the 1st crypto game I have ever played but I am just so addicted. I play every day!

CryptoDozer Team: Do you have a specific game suggestion?

Cuttie: I’d like to see special coins drop faster.

CryptoDozer Team: Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Cuttie: So far it’s super good!

CryptoDozer’s first two and half weeks have seen it consistently ranked as one of the top two ERC721 tokens, ranked in the top 3 for ETH games, top 30 for all games and top 40 for all dapps categories on numerous dapp ranking sites. And with ETH dolls ranging from one to 30ETH as well as a grand prize doll worth 70ETH players have plenty of chances to earn some serious ETH.

With high-value dolls still waiting to be won, it’s only a matter of time before users win big ETH. Congratulations again to user Cuttie for collecting the first high-value ETH doll. And with the 70 ETH CryptoDoll still out there waiting to be won, will you be the one to claim it?

Play CryptoDozer now:

It’s Playtime!
Team PlayDapp

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