“Seven players exchanging”

As the festive season starts, who cleaned up?

Hi DozerFriends

It’s the first week of the DozerFriends’ festive season and we can’t wait to get into the swing of things. Before we do, we must take a look at those who rocked the exchange and made off with great Crypto.

However, before we do that, there’s been some festive updates top the DozerFriends Games. The DozerFriends are really into the spirit and can't wait to show off their new looks. There have also been some super sweet changes to CryptoDozer and DozerBird. If you have a sweet tooth, be prepared for it to be sated, with the ultimate Christmas feast!

Got an opinion, share it!

Of course, it’s the season of giving. Right now, DozerFriends is giving all players 100 coins! Just give us some feedback and we’ll send you 100 coins within a week of the end of the survey. We’re eager to hear it and it’s been running for a while now. The deadline is close — we’ll be pausing the Survey on 1//03/19 at midnight. Act fast to get those coins!

Which seven are sitting pretty with the big wins for the week?

The week has been full of peaks and troughs — like a snow-covered skiing paradise. You could have had some serious slalom fun. We started on the 25th with a respectable 2.858 ETH, not bad. Then hmm, skipped downhill to get see 1.712 ETH being taken away.

Then the ski-lift must have been called into action, as we climbed the lofty heights of 7.01 ETH! Now that’s more like it! Then that slalom run began again, as we skied past 3.954 ETH on the 28th, reaching the bottom of the run at 0.721 ETH on the 29th. A bruising run for us, as we love to give out ETH!

However, racing in to pull up the week’s big numbers we saw a sweet 8.354 ETH being exchanged on the 30th. An awesome end to the month! Not to be outdone, the very first day of December saw a super cool, 5.867 ETH being exchanged! Let’s hope the rest of the festive season sees some awesome exchanged just like that!

A nice end to a bumpy week and there was some more good news. Out top player for the week, Inkang managed to scoop 2.159 ETH a nice little bundle of crypto.

There are a number of high-value CryptoDolls players can collect in CryptoDozer. With some CryptoDolls worth seven, 10 or 30 ETH as well as the ultimate 70 ETH doll all waiting to be won! There are plenty of chances for players to earn some serious ETH with CryptoDozer.

DozerFriends Team!

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