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Over 13ETH between just seven players!

Hi CryptoDozerers!

Its time we give it up, raise the roof, shout out loud, shine a light, give props to and just generally go wild with jealousy and or adulation for the seven biggest and badest ETH exchanges out there!

We’ve had some awesome players, taking a huge amount of ETH, cumulatively all players over the last seven days managed to exchange a whopping 54.854 ETH — that's over $11,000 in just seven days!

We couldn’t be happier that we’re constantly seeing some massive weekly amounts of ETH being earned by our players. It’s been a long time since we saw the biggest CryptoDoll drop— Aria worth 70ETH! let’s hope we see her soon. Until then you can meet her in our CryptoDoll introduction.

However, right now it’s time to shine a light and big it up for our seven best from the last seven days.

CryptoDozer’s best Player exchanges — 08/05–11/08/19!

Our seven best players managed to exchange over 13ETH by themselves, which is quite a feat. It’s also super impressive that all seven pulled out over 1ETH each, and two players managed to exchange over 2ETH in just one exchange.

Of course, as always, the seven best get their own shout out on twitter, giving them a bit more bragging rights! So make sure you follow @playdapp_io on twitter to see if you make it to any of our daily shout outs!

One of our special seven deserves just that little bit more of a shout out. Clapp it up, or look jealously at Moshua… who rocked the top sport twice! They also got a cumulative 6.100ETH!

There was also the super friendly and previously interviewed panda, who took home over 1.2 ETH for a single day dozering!

Do you think you can join the growing ranks of Crypto Rich and be one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH waiting to be collected. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:

Developer update 08/08/2019 CRYPTODOZER

Across all
1. Welcome Pack, Bankruptcy Pack and Donations, now reward you differently rather than with Autodrops
2. On an account under level 30, you’ll receive a warning that the free coins stop at level 30.
3. Prime 21 Day warning prompt added.
4. AutoDrop Has now been moved to the opposite side of the game screen.

Mobile Specific
1.Modified to allow play on iOS13 BETA

CryptoDozer lets you earn real ETH by collecting cute CryptoDolls, it’s a super simple game that has some serious ETH. Our CryptoDolls have a range of values and rankings, including Fancy, Bronze, Silver & Gold! With ETH value reflected accordingly. Our Silver CryptoDolls are worth up to one ETH while our Gold CryptoDolls can be worth two, seven, 10 and even 30ETH.

Then there’s the ultimate prize, a special 70ETH CryptoDoll! Making anyone who wins one of these the ultimate Crypto Rich. Will it be you that collects this ultimate prize?

Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:

It’s Playtime!
Team PlayDapp

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