Share the love with our Valentine’s Day gift!

PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Feb 13 · 2 min read

A gift to quicken the pulse and melt the heart…

DozerFriends, let’s be more…

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us and no-one wants to be left out of the love. No card, no gift, where’s the love?

Nobody wants to be like Ralph up there, with no Valentine’s waiting for you. It’s enough to make a grown DozerDoll cry.

Well, there’s good news! We’re not so secret admirers of you and we just can't keep it in anymore. All our DozerFriends players, we… well, we love you!

And we can’t think of a better way to show it than with a grand gesture.

We searched high and low, looking for the perfect bouquet, some scrumptious Chocolates, or maybe even a super cute Teddy Bear.

But we just couldn’t find them, nothing out there was right for you, they just weren’t good enough.

Then we thought even harder to find that special something.

Then we cracked it! We think you’re really going to love what we came up with. But of course, you’ll have to wait until the 14th to get your hands on it!

But we all know love is fleeting, so you’ll have to be quick to get our gift! Fail to log in and open our gift box before the 17th and you’ll break our hearts and we’ll take our gift away.

Remember, you can claim our gift between the 14th and 17th, any longer and the love’s gone.

DozerFriends players are earning ETH every day and every successful CryptoDoll collected is guaranteed ETH.

With a range of CryptoDolls, some with ETH values of one, two, seven, 10 and 30ETH there are plenty of reasons to play. And of course, there are the ultimate 70ETH CryptoDolls waiting for skillful players.

Can you use this special Valentine's Day gift to nab yourself the ultimate70ETH CryptoDoll?


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Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

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