UNITY — Our latest 7ETH winner- worth over $1,500.

From BETA Player to the latest Gold CryptoDoll Winner!

Hi CryptoDozerers!

We have two bits of mega exciting news! Our first is a great step to make CryptoDozer easier to play for all people. We’re super excited that CryptoDozer is now Playable from the Samsung Blockchain Wallet!

You’ll now find CryptoDozer listed in the DApps Section of the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

Another Player joins CryptoDozer’s rich club!

There’s been some great news, player Unity is the latest player to join the ever-growing group of big ETH winners from CryptoDozer. Unity can stand tall knowing that their skillful playing has netted them on of the big prizes! And what’s even more impressive is they’ve gone from CryptoDozer Novice to CryptoDozer Expert!

So let’s find out some more about a CryptoDozerer who’s been here from the start and made it big!

I play the game as Unity but in the real world, I'm just a normal guy from Oregon, USA. I work from home and while it may sound mysterious, it’s just the same as any other work — just with more comfort.

I’ve been playing CryptoDozer since the BETA days, so I’ve seen it really change and grow. I’ve seen the introduction of the Prime Packs — which are awesome!

As you can imagine as I’ve been playing since the BETA I’ve seen my fair share of bugs and things that needed to be fixed. Sure at the start, there were some times where I had to wait for a fix. However, overall I’d say I’ve had great experiences with support when it came to any issue that has come up.

I'm used to this however as I’m a big fan of blockchain gaming. I feel the whole game asset system will be very big once it becomes more mainstream.

Team CryptoDozer: What is it about CryptoDozer that you like the most?

Unity: I enjoy the concept and functionality of CryptoDozer, but my favorite thing has to be the Unique Prime Pack. I feel it gives me the most value out of everything in the game.

Team CryptoDozer: What’s your playstyle like?

Unity: I use a lot of different methods and strategies. The main one that I try to stick to is Key management. I use keys from the Prime Pack to help clear my bank.

There are still times when my bank will fill up before reaching the 0.1 ETH minimum withdraw. Saving keys for these situations can help clear the bank without waiting too long if you have a chest to open.

Team CryptoDozer: Do you use the CryptoDozer Tips?

Unity: While I feel the tips do probably help some people. I use different methods more often though.

Team CryptoDozer: Would you share one, so others can join you in the Gold Club?

Unity: Sure, here’s my tip for coin pushing…

I mainly use a 5 coin line. It pushes the center well and cuts down on some of the push to the sides. Adding a 6th coin seems to increase the push to the sides a lot for me, so I really only drop all 6 coins when a wall is up.

Team CryptoDozer: A five-coin line, love it!

Unity: Thanks, I also use the Spin in a different way…

I skip the spin wheel most of the time so my bank doesn’t fill with too many chests. As I clear some chests with keys from the prime pack, I’ll start to spin a little until I hit a few more chests, and then wait on spinning until I clear a few chests with keys.

Team CryptoDozer: Any last words on CryptoDozer?

Unity: Yes, to me CryptoDozer is easy to learn and start playing. However, there are advanced techniques that can be used to optimize your play. I’ve found my own, like the 5 coin push and spin management. So any player can too.

Thank you to all the support team and staff for such a great experience.

CryptoDozer lets you earn real ETH by collecting cute CryptoDolls, it’s a super simple game that has some serious ETH. Our CryptoDolls have a range of values and rankings, including Fancy, Bronze, Silver & Gold! With ETH value reflected accordingly. Our Silver CryptoDolls are worth up to one ETH while our Gold CryptoDolls can be worth two, seven, 10 and even 30ETH.

Then there’s the ultimate prize, a special 70ETH CryptoDoll! Winners of these CryptoDolls really will be the ultimate Crypto Rich. Can you collect the ultimate prize?


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I work, write and occasionally play for PlayDapp.io — they make things you play.


Meta-Blockchain Game Platform

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