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Mar 28 · 3 min read

Ready to meet Pam — our trickster bunny?

Hi, CryptoDozer Rich!

Meet Pam, CryptoDozer’s red-hot, prank-pulling rabbit. She’s all about having fun and pulling pranks. Pam is happiest when she’s made a joke - especially if it’s on you!

But there’s a serious side to Pam. One that I’m sure you’ll love, her ETH value. Pam is a gold CryptoDoll worth a whopping 10 ETH, meaning if you’re lucky enough to collect her in-game, she’ll make you one happy player.

Pam is just one of several high-value CryptoDolls you can collect in CryptoDozer. With gold CryptoDolls being worth seven, 10 and even 30 ETH, as well as the ultimate 70 ETH doll, there are plenty of chances to earn serious ETH with CryptoDozer!

Let’s meet the high-value, gold level trickster rabbit!

Hello from Pam

Pam may be a trickster but it‘s no joke when you collect her!

“Hi, guys! How are you all doing? I’m fantastic, couldn’t be better.


Haha made you look!

Here, look, no hard feelings let’s shake hands and forget about it.
Bwahaha, that’s twice I’ve fooled you!

Oh man, you’re just too easy to fool. I couldn’t help myself. Ok, ok, I’ll stop, its no fun when a person is this gullible.

I’m Pam and as you can tell, I love nothing more than having fun and pulling pranks. You’ll always find me with the little bunnies’ joke kit at my side. It’s packed full of great things. I’ve got: bangers, fake snakes, spider webs, spiders on a string, electric hand buzzers, squirting flowers, whoopie cushions, stink bombs, snapping gum, fake noses — with and without a mustache, of course - rockets, itching powder, sneezing powder, invisible ink……….”

I think we’ll leave Pam to her joke kit, she seems lost in it and I’m getting worried just hearing about what horrible tricks she could play on me.

With CryptoDolls worth seven, 10 and even 30 ETH as well as the top CryptoDoll worth 70 ETH waiting to be won, there are some serious reasons to play CryptoDozer today.

Top Tip
Check your inventory before you get a new doll. If your inventory is full you won’t be able to store any new ones that you collect. You can purchase more slots to increase your inventory capacity or exchange the dolls you have collected into ETH on our exchange marketplace.

Will you be the one to win the ultimate 70 ETH CryptoDoll?
Play CryptoDozer today and be Crypto Rich!

Stay tuned to meet our next doll of the week.
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Team PlayDapp

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