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PlayDapp Editor_Ryan
Feb 17 · 3 min read

Seven more join the ranks of great weekly exchanges…

DozerFriends! Are you one of the seven best? Did you kick butt and walk away stacking the ETH?

We really hope so, but we know there are seven players who were awesome and made the top exchange each day. Read on to be suitably jealous or maybe they'll inspire you for next time!

DozerFriends Best exchanges for 02.10–02.16.20

Who shined bright these last seven days.

Standing above them all, right at the start of the week. It’s isilherrin with a nice 1.152 ETH! Topping the day’s 4.227 ETH total.

Sadly, only two of these seven best managed to break the 1ETH barrier. However, there’s plenty of overall earning, with lucky 13th seeing 4.227 ETH being taken, and on the 14th (the most romantic of days) seeing a stonking 3.569 ETH flowing it’s way to our players.

Not one of this week’s seven stars? Maybe you’re climbing the monthly winner list!

No surprises — there’s no change at the top of the grid, with Ripley sat at the top with over 32 ETH!

In fact, 1st to 3rd is all locked up from last week. Congrats to Hulocan & Sersembil taking those spots!

New entrants in the chart we have; Kr8, Chris and level 100 lnkang.

Doing well, psyrox24 has climbed a couple of spots to sit in 8th. The snappily named 0x953D… has climbed from 11th to 4th and sits on a tasty 3.13 ETH!

See all the movement form our last article here:

Do you think you can join the growing ranks of CryptoRich and be one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH waiting to be collected. Play DozerFriends games \now for your chance to win: DozerFriends

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