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This is raileg’s second big CryptoDoll win making them a double timer!

Hi CryptoDozers!

Awe-inspiring news! We’ve not only had a CryptoDozer Player join the Crytpo Rich club but thanks to their latest 7ETH win they’ve done a double. Earlier in their Dozering play, they nabbed our clumsily adorable mint-blue Rabbit Amber, worth 2ETH.

However this 7ETH win, worth over $2,000 at the time of writing, is something special. This latest win puts raileg into the exclusive Crypto Rich Club as well as giving them their Gold Doll winner bragging rights in our discord!

CryptoDozer users are earning ETH every day and every successful CryptoDoll collected is great news. It is fantastic to be able to give CryptoDozer users serious rewards for their play.

raileg spoke to us about their amazing win and the fact that they are now part of a rare club of double CryptoDozer Winners!

raileg the latest member of the crypto rich club

Raileg wasted no time showing off their big win in our Telegram group, letting everyone know about the win and how they had predicted it. So without further ado lets hand it over to raileg, our latest big ETH winner!

raileg wasted no time showing off their 7ETH win!

I don’t remember where I first came across CryptoDozer. It was probably a medium article because I’m keen on cryptogaming!

I won the first decent bit of ETH with Amber about a month ago and while that was cool. This Lei is really exciting. I just wish they had been a bit closer together!

I’ll let you have a little taste of who I am outside the crypto world! I’m from Russia and I work as an accountant, so nothing super amazing.

In-game, across Discord and Telegram I go by raileg. I’m sorry that I haven’t shared a photo with the team. I’m not a big fan of photos and like with a lot of Crypto, I like to keep it on the down low!

Cryptodozer players sure do come from around the globe, so far we’ve had big winners from Vietnam, Spain, and now Russia — of course, there have been some that kept even that detail secret!

For me, the best part of Cryptodozer is waiting. You drop your coins & wait for a miracle! Will that next doll will be at least silver? When you get it you feel… I don't know it’s hard to describe!

I’m sure everyone must have their own sensation. Some will shout out loud & others will feel just relieved from tension.

Raileg like other featured players does pay attention to our special yellow bear, Rio. Although they wouldn't say they were applying a strategy.

As for strategy — I’d say that really I’m trying to adapt to any situation that comes my way. That’s it really!

don’t worry Rio you’re still loved- just…

But Rio’s — what can I say — yes, I’m trying to push them away! I think everyone does…

I’m also saving up coins — Fever & Wall combination they're the party coins — the more the merrier!

I don’t use spin until my bank is full, so don’t get chests which take spaces in my bank area.

Despite his claims for simply rolling with the punches raileg seems to have a proper handle on the idea of how to use coin combinations effectively!

Again fever & walls - I try to have at least 3 walls ready before launching fever time. The reason is that when the wall goes down you have a “bucket” of coins. So you should raise your next wall right after the first one & then, maybe, run third if you have enough coins on the field.

It’s useful to have red-G coins & party coins — when you use the red-G during fever time you can collect a big load of x2 coins! But be careful, those giant coins can get stuck. This strategy can give you up to 100 coins.

It’s not just about the money for raileg, they are a believer in Crypto through and through. Heck, they are such a believer that they’ve invested in a project before!

I’m a hodler! So yes, I believe in crypto & as a game asset it’s more than interesting, in all honesty, there was one project that I invested. It was also was about cryptogaming, but it seems stuck for now.

I’ve been really impressed with CryptoDozer, the whole team. Everyone, Admins, the CS team they all seem really helpful!

Of course big thanks for the dev’s, it’s a great game! Some players see it as an opportunity to make some cash. While others are playing & entertaining themselves. This ability to do bot is a great thing!

Raileg is a great CryptoDozer player, a double winner — pulling out a great little bit of ETH earlier and then making some really big ETH with their latest win!

Cryptodozer in your pocket! -CryptoDozer now playable on Mobile devices in BETA

Did you miss the big news?

We’re really excited that CryptoDozr is now playable on mobile devices, currently, this is very much a BETA and so that means that there may be the odd bump and lump, but you can read more in our dedicated article!

Raileg is just one of a number of big winners, we’ve had a string of 7 ETH winners lately. Every single person can earn with CryptoDozer and we can’t wait to see more players joining the Crypto Rich club!

Do you think you can join the growing ranks of Crypto Rich and be one of our big ETH winners? There are plenty of high-value CryptoDolls, with serious amounts of ETH waiting to be collected. Play CryptoDozer now for your chance to win:


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