AnyTrans 5 Review — The Ultimate iPhone Manager Makes Your New iPhone 7 Ready for Use

AnyTrans acts as an all-in-one iOS content manager that lets you fully control all of your iPhone data. One of its killer features, as iPhone 7 hits the market, is to customize your new device for a quick and simple start.


Key points of AnyTrans 5

  • Transfer music, pictures and more between devices and computer
  • Manage iTunes library, playlists, albums, personal data & more
  • Flash-sync with lightning data transfer speed
  • Clone entire content from your old devices into new iPhone 7
  • Merge data between devices of multiple Apple IDs
  • Support 34+ types of iOS content covering all daily use
  • Built in video-converter to transcode all incompatible formats
  • Convert live photo to GIF
  • Ringtone maker
  • Extract your photos and personal data from iTunes & iCloud backup

Easy and Fast Transfer

AnyTrans loads up my iPhone quickly, and then come the simple icons that wrap up its managing features. You can transfer files freely between your device and computer, which is also a safe measure to back up your iOS data in useable formats. Besides, even without launching iTunes, you can still export data to enrich your iTunes library, and vice versa.

It’s worth mention that AnyTrans can “Flash-sync” hundreds of pictures in seconds. This can be very useful to those who take iPhone photos all the time, since it only spent around 10 seconds to export above 300 photos from my iPhone 6S. It goes well too with music, while transferring 100 songs at only 24 seconds. This speedy performance only makes AnyTrans a great buy.


The Phone Merge and Phone Clone

If you own several iOS equipment, AnyTrans allows you to share data directly between two devices. But beyond that, it offers more advanced features.

Phone Merge helps you combine your scattered content on them such as music, messages, contacts and notes into your target device, giving you a complete data stream. It creates no duplicates since they will be skipped automatically during the merge-process, which is a major plus.


If you bought a new iPhone 7, “Clone Device” enables you to warm it up with a single click. All of your media data, personal info and app settings of the old one will be migrated to the target device. Thus you can start using your brand-new Phone immediately in your own familiar way.


However, if you want to transfer data of third-party apps, like your local game records or project process, you need to install the same app on your target device at first, then transfer. This requires the same for “Clone Device”.

Well-Archived iOS Categories

AnyTrans archives all iPhone content in clearly laid-out documents, where you


It also integrates the full access to your photos and personal data stored in iTunes backup and iCloud, helping you retrieve your contacts, notes, messages and more whenever necessary. No need full restore at all.


What’s more, armed with a system explorer, you can visit deep iOS and grab files hidden beneath it through simple drag-n-drop.


Additional Handy Features

Besides managing iOS data, AnyTrans also offers tons of small handy features.

Ringtone maker can intercepts the initial 40s of any song and turn it into your exclusive iPhone melody.

Video-converter can automatically transcode all incompatible formats during transfer process.

Disk mode can turn your iPhone into a temporary handy mobile disk if you want to carry other files.

GIF maker, which interests me most, can export the live-photos with a widely used GIF format. Thus you can share your vivid memory even further.

Final Verdict

Overall, with the plethora of features and simple interface, AnyTrans is very easy to use but at the same time make the most out of your iOS device by bringing in the power in your hands. It’s easy to manage all your iOS content in one place, and to transfer data seamlessly across your devices and computer. All those come with lightning speed, without having to resort to the intricate iTunes.

Price & Plans

It’s highly recommended that you download and try FREE AnyTrans 5 at first. A personal license for one computer is at $39.99, while a family license for three computers $59.99. Benefits contain 24/7 technical support and free lifetime upgrade, worth every penny you pay for.

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