iRULU 8.9 Inch Quad Core Tablet PC, Windows 8.1 Operating System

Today I am going to review a tablet from a company called iRULU which is a consumer electronics division of USA111 Inc, located Groveport, Ohio. iRULU designs and manufacturers consumer electronics with features and functionality that rival the big brands without the big brand price tag.

IRULU has been selected as the Best Budget Tablet online by the Balancing Act Program of Lifetime TV.


Product Name: iRULU 8.9 Inch Quad Core Tablet PC, Windows 8.1 Operating System

Provider: iRULU

The Review:

The packaging, is a box which shows a few titles to show it’s a windows tablet of the iRULU Tablet with some features


This Tablet does have an identifying mark on it which is the iRULU logo on the back of the tablet where the speaker and back camera are This tablet offers the many features as some of the other 9 inch tablets on amazon have in my opinion…


The tablet does come with an Instruction manual which tells you how to use certain features of this tablet a must read if you never have used a windows tablet as this booklet is well written and does show you how to first set up this tablet/laptop,Micro USB cable for transferring data,DC cable to charge the tablet and a OTG cable for using a external hard drive

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Another cool thing about this tablet is you get a keyboard case not like the 10inch or Windows tablet from the windows store this keyboard is just like the keyboard case from my iRULU Android tablet review but no matter what it still helps to keep it protected from drops. The keyboard isn’t bluetooth but that’s not a problem you could always use a larger wireless desktop keyboard if you wanted since the tablet can accept a USB hub for flash drives,mouse and bigger usb keyboards There is a port for a micro sd card (not included) but I do recommend getting one so you can have enough storage for your photos or other data

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So yes the tablet is inexpensive (couldn’t show the price as it’s out of stock as I write the review) , but is it even worth it? I would say yes if you have been looking for a windows tablet or small netbook laptop for your kids for school or maybe you want a small netbook/tablet for work or at home and you don’t want to break the bank to get a Nexus,iPad OEM,Windows tablet from the microsoft store. I rate this tablet at the speed as my netbook since the RAM is only 1gig and warms up very quick then gets very sluggish with simple tasks I’m sure with the 10inch windows tablet from iRULU you might have better luck but we’ll see if I can get my hands on one. This tablet is very well made I did notice the battery life could’ve been better but when I looked at my toshiba netbook it was about the same this tablet still got a GOLD star in my book

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