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This is a good time for Apple Music. The growing user numbers and progressing updates prove it well. The latest official statistics claim that current Apple Music subscribers have reached a new level of approximately 36 million. It is estimated that in the months to come a more admiring dash will kick in. Somehow, Apple Music still holds closely on DRM protection that hassles a group of people. Then please go on reading as here we refer to TuneFab Apple Music Converter to aim at it.

DRM Protected Apple Music

Apple always has the great custom to adopt AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) which offers lossless digital audio compression. However, a higher sound quality of AAC than its peers strikingly leaves nice impressions to the audience and thus leaves great support to Apple Music in AAC.

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But unlike other AAC audio, Apple Music stands out in the strict protection mechanism called DRM to defend the digital content. In this sense, Apple Music encoded in M4P extension (.m4p) cannot be easily transferred to other devices or be played on other media platforms. This has greatly harmed the availability to hear it at anytime and anywhere.

How TuneFab Apple Music Converter Helps Out

A recipe for the DRM dilemma is to use TuneFab Apple Music Converter. TuneFab Apple Music Converter is designed to deal with DRM barricade for a more available Apple Music. It supports to remove DRM and then convert the M4P music to the generally accepted MP3 / AAC / WAV format.

After conversion, you can easily share Apple Music on other media players and devices. A more convenient offline use and permanent storage even after canceling subscription can be achieved effortlessly. Plus, editorial work is allowed to enhance the audio effect if you get this excellent converter at hand.

Guide: How to Remove DRM from Apple Music

You don’t need to worry about a complex working pattern. A user-friendly design helps the group easily make sense of the whole procedures. See details in the following instruction.

Step 1. Run TuneFab Apple Music Converter

TuneFab Apple Music Converter works on either Windows OS or Mac OS. Download and install the software. Then double click the software icon to launch it. Once opened, it will connect with iTunes on your PC and sync the playlist data automatically.

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Step 2. Select Apple Music Songs

Go to “Playlists”. Select and tick the favorite Apple Music songs. You can simply create a new playlist to include them all as TuneFab Apple Music Converter supports batch conversion well.

Image name: choose-apple-music-tracks

Image alt: Choose Apple Music Tracks

Step 3. Arrange Output Settings

Select a preferred format from the drop-down “Output Format” list. It would be better to decide “Output Folder” for the afterward search. Other parameters here are available to change to your taste.

Image name: select-output-format

Image alt: Select Output Format

Step 4. Start to Convert Apple Music to DRM-free Audio

All set, click “Convert” icon and the converter will start to convert Apple Music to DRM-free audio at an admiring 16x faster speed.

Image name: convert

Image alt: Convert

Four steps over, DRM inflicted on Apple Music has been smoothly removed and a widely accepted Apple Music conversion result has come to the fore. Now transferring Apple Music to other media platform and devices is within reach for a pleasant offline use. You are able to bypass the concerns about Internet connections and subscription period even if you have cancellation plans. You will explore more amusement on Apple Music with this nice DRM remover: TuneFab Apple Music Converter.

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