Generating a rendered site plan

A site plan helps to show the site conditions and the context of the structure.One of the main features of the site plan would be the terrain of the site that usually governs the placement of the structure on site.

  1. Retrieving the topography of the site
File> Geo-Location > Add location
SketchUp helps to retrieve the accurate contours on the site.

Save the SketchUp file and import it to Rhino.

2. Import the saved SketchUp file in Rhino to work further.

Make sure that the contours are placed in a separate layer and assign a color to the layer.

“Bounding Box” is used to to enclose a planar object into a solid box. The red box in the above image represents the same.

Use “Patch” command to create the contour with smooth surface.

The extended plane needs to be trimmed to the size of the bounding box. “Trim” command should be used.

The trimmed terrain of the site.
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