A Fantastic Woman: The Unsuccessful Undoing of Marina

Sebastián Lelio asks of his own film, A Fantastic Woman, the following: “What will people see when they see Marina: a woman, a man, or the sum of both?” First, I want you to answer that exact question. What do you see when you see Marina? Are Lelio’s three options adequate? If not, why? [one paragraph is adequate.]

Second, pick one exchange between Marina and another character in the film. Paying attention to the language and actions between the characters, how does the other character harm Marina, either physically or through language? Make sure to quote the film. [2–3 paragraphs]. You might think about the quote below to help illuminate the ways that violence is done unto Marina’s character, both physically and symbolically.

“Those who commit acts of violence are surely responsible for them; they are not dupes or mechanisms of an impersonal social force, but agents with responsibility. On the other hand, these individuals are formed, and we would be making a mistake if we reduced their actions to purely self-generated acts of will or symptoms of individual pathology of ‘evil’.” -Judith Butler

DUE: Monday 11/12 by 5pm. Ps: This is your last Medium post of the semester!!