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Dragon in the Lion’s lair

Coronavirus has swept the globe leaving death and desolation in its wake. At this moment it is impossible to hazard a guess on the estimation of loss of life and economy by the time this virus is done with us.

China being in the eye of the storm for unleashing this monster knowing or unknowingly, suppressing information deliberately or otherwise, continues to bear the brunt as well as criticism for the terror caused globally. Irrespective of the nations’ own initiatives in preventing the spread of the virus, the death and devastation brought upon them is surely going to prod them into asking China to pay up for the damages.

Since not much is shared on the media on the economic condition of China we can’t say for sure how much of it’s financial health was affected by the impact of the virus. However from whatever news trickles in over the Great Wall, we can safely deduce that the Dragon Nation seems to be well on the path to recovery and is now ramping up its manufacturing, which furthers the possibility that they deliberately released the virus to debilitate the world and emerge as a Superpower and Leader of the world.

Though this would be easier envisaged than done. Despite the fact that China is the manufacturer of the world and everyone is heavily dependent on them for raw materials and finished goods, due to the dissentious wave going on against them, the demand for their products might take a big dip, which some countries might look at as payback for the loss of life and economy. While China has ramped up their production, if the market for their goods shrink they might be left with massive inventories, which might end up becoming liabilities.

Closer home, the current border face-off has resulted in huge cries of ‘Boycott China”, which raises many apprehensions and questions like, Can we do without Chinese products? Do we have the manufacturing capability? Will our boycott make any difference to China? While we are battling with these questions, it seems a significant part of the western world has silently stopped buying Chinese goods, and they did so without creating a spectacle or making undue noise on the various social media platforms and simply out of their own free will without being goaded by campaigns to stir their patriotism into action.

The current challenge has opened the world to the idea of exploring new shores and avenues rather than having all their manufacturing done in China. Though it may not happen overnight or even in the immediate future, it may seem that the nations of the world would now look for alternatives to China.

It would be prudent of our nation to step forward and fill this void at this juncture, not only would this help to stabilise our economy, which has been seriously injured due to the pandemic, it would also free us from the dependence on the neighbour.

We are a democracy with no history of expansionist mentality and arrogant or suppressive regime, India can establish itself as a force to reckon with in the world’s business and industrial community. Though a large part of this depends on our government and the policies they decide to roll out, we as citizens also have a responsibility towards the nation and should expand our horizons to look at the country as a larger picture rather than just our own establishments.

Whether we are willing to look for alternatives to Chinese products at a little extra cost or would we rather wait for the government and/or others to goad us into action, will decide the future of our nation. We have the benefit of a young population and if given the right direction this could become our strength and make our country a force to reckon with.

The lockdown ensuing the pandemic has shown us that if we wish to, there are no deterrents impossible to overcome and if we put our minds to something, we make sure we reach the pinnacle. In a short period of 2 months India has become the 2nd largest producer of PPE kits in the world. We are now leaders in producing N95 masks, hand sanitisers and other healthcare and safety products within a few weeks!

This is the entrepreneurial skill of our country, we saw an opportunity and encashed it. Once exports of these products are opened up, I am sure India will lead the world.

This same attitude needs to be applied for all products flowing in from China. It is up to us now whether we allow ourselves to rise to the occasion or subjugate to domination, our tomorrow will depend on what we do today!

Jai Hind



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