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Focus on Asphalt Milling with New Granulator Buckets | Dr. Digger’s Prescriptions

Recycling of broken / ripped asphalt and a reduction in transport costs are becoming increasingly important factors in road construction and for special demolition and recycling products. Asphalt and demolition debris need to be reduced in size on site so that they can be reprocessed or are easier and cheaper to transport thanks to the smaller volume. Simex has thus chosen to focus on the recycling of asphalt milling, more correctly called today bituminous conglomerate granulate by the legislation (RA or RAP — Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement) beginning from its expertise in the field of crushing and screening waste materials from demolition.

Simex has expanded its range of attachments for excavators in this area with its CBA granulator. The idea behind the Asphalt Granulator CBA was that it should be able to shred asphalt and other materials so evenly that the material could be reused. Many years of experience with asphalt milling machines and breakwaters helped Simex develop an attachment that can boast high productivity.Long operating life was an objective behind design of CBA

The recycling material is shredded by a drum equipped with special teeth, driven by two powerful radial piston motors. The grain size is determined by an exchangeable grid on the back. If there is a blockage in the crushing direction during shredding, the drum automatically rotates three quarters of a turn back before it switches back to the working direction. The teeth can be exchanged on site. The consumption depends on the abrasiveness of the broken material, which means a long operating life. On ground experience has been good with asphalt, brick, concrete without reinforcement and tiles. Use of other materials is being tested on a case-by-case basis.

Available in 2 models for excavators from 18 to 40 tons, CBA asphalt granulator buckets are specifically designed for the volumetric reduction of asphalt slabs (or other aggregates)to a certifiable and measurable granulometry, directly on site.
The equipment features a cylindrical drum consisting of interchangeable teeth, driven by large displacement radial piston hydraulic motors, in direct drive.
The rear grid determines the grain size of the material output and is available in several configurations, to meet the different characteristics required for the milled material by the regulations in force in various countries. Size of the output material with standard grid: 0–20 mm
The CBA asphalt granulator buckets aim to ensure broad autonomy for operators engaged on a daily basis in road maintenance works, crushing aggregates and backfilling excavations for laying underground utilities. Cutting down the time and costs related to transport, minimizing the purchase of new raw materials, means optimizing the logistical and economic dynamics of your site, while keeping a watchful eye on the issue of environmental impact and the recovery of those materials which, subject to specific local regulations, could be considered a resource and no longer waste.
From cold milling, with the wide range of road planers, to the crushing and volume reduction of aggregates, Simex now offers multiple solutions for recovering bituminous conglomerate on site.

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