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Simex Cold Milling Planer can help you in economical road repairs | Dr. Digger’s Prescriptions

The effect of adverse weather on the road is a major problem that deserves increased attention and organized efforts to reduce its impact. Choosing the right machine, therefore, becomes very important.

Simex Cold milling planer is the answer: Due to the finite nature of some road base aggregates, reusing or recycling existing road base’s through stabilisation is important. SIMEX PL high depth planers enable productive stabilisation or rehabilitation of existing roadways.

Simex Cold milling planer attached to a backhoe loader or a skid steer loader can remove the asphalt or concrete layer-by-layer. It can cut upto 100mm deep at a time. The planers have a patented self-levelling feature that means planers make for seamless contact with the road surface regardless of the angle you are working from. This ensures constant depth in all conditions and all surfaces are cut to a precise level.
Regardless of whether you are going forwards or backwards the SIMEX planer hits the surface and the skit plates will lay flat to achieve an accurate result.

The cut material can be collected by the loader bucket and loaded onto the transport vehicles. A variety of different milling drums are available, enabling the small milling planer to cover a wide range of applications extending from partial pavement rehabilitations and rehabilitation of industrial floors.

The size of the SIMEX PL high depth planer can be a huge benefit when working on size restricted sites as the skid steer and SIMEX planer combination enables contractors to get into tight spots where large profilers might not be able to reach.

This aids with precision in a variety of applications such as for municipal roads, driveways, footpaths and many more.

With road repairs, time is of the essence as quicker the job is completed the less traffic is held up and saving time also means saving money. The efficiency and precision of the SIMEX planer helps to quickly get the roads running again.

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