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Why a Skid Steer Loader is a most important equipment for your projects? | Dr. Digger’s Prescriptions


  • Material handling: HD buckets can carry denser materials such as wood and rocks.
  • Grading: When grading, a rock bucket will help you achieve a clean finish by clearing away rocks and debris.
  • Rumble Strips: Planers can also be used for making rumple strips on the highways to increase the road safety
  • Soil Stabilizing: Planers can also be used for breaking and mixing old roads for soil stabilization
  • Bucket brooms: Bucket broom attachments are effective at cleaning up, thanks to their cutting edge and bucket. Bucket brooms can also be attached to telehandlers and backhoes. This attachment is valuable in numerous industries, including municipality, construction and landscaping.
  • Superior operator comfort: Heman skid steers come with full glass front and impressive visibility for easy operation. They also offer more room in the cab for the operator and a more comfortable experience inside.
  • Fuel efficiency: HEMAN has great fuel efficiency and consumes only 3–3.5 litres of fuel per hour. Newly launched 72hp models have minimal emissions and are BS IV compliant. The more efficient your skid steer loader is, the less you’ll have to spend on fuel.
  • Diverse attachments: HEMAN & Suretech have an exhaustive range of so you can always find the right attachment for the job. These attachments are also easy to change preventing idle time.
  • Best-in-class durability: HEMAN puts Its machines through rigorous testing to ensure they’re able to withstand harsh conditions and keep functioning effectively. HEMAN skid steers are some of the toughest you’ll find, so with routine maintenance, you can rely on them to perform tirelessly.
  • Long warranty: Our skid steer attachments all come with a one-year warranty — because we want you to have the same confidence in our products that we do.
  • Skid steer specialists: Our team boasts many years of experience in servicing and supporting attachments, and if you need assistance, they are available to speak with you over the phone.



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