Introspection good but we must present our positives

Though it is very easy to say, and it is what is being repeatedly said for quite some time that Muslims have failed in proving themselves, the truth also remains that even in what we are able to follow there is plenty of lesson for the mankind. Instead of always trying to discuss the negatives, we should also be able to highlight our positives. Introspection is good but creating a negative image in the name of introspection is something that now needs to be discarded. While the West and all other ideologies keep projecting themselves in the best shades, burying all that is negative in their method and its impact; Muslims are busy negating their positive features. While non Muslims attack Muslims and Islam in order to vanquish them so that their own objectives can be achieved without much resistance, Muslims fail to see and present their positive sides, which despite several weaknesses, are much more glaring than what the Western and other civilisations can offer or boast of. Introspection is generally a healthy sign, but if it becomes a means to afflict a whole community with an inferiority complex of huge amount, the method of “introspection” itself needs introspection.

The time now has come when Muslims must come out of the inferiority complex, which they have been suffering from, in recent years. They must know that despite all their weaknesses they are still better than others in most respects, at least in respect of things that matter most in real life. They must know the real face of what the Westernists are promoting: New World Order. And they must develop confidence and resolve to promote Islamic paradigm of World Order, which I call Natural World Order.

The globe of New World Order is rapidly developing into nothing but a fireball of chaos. It is hardly surprising then that

  • More than 1 million people are murdered every year. (More than 240 million people lost lives in wars in the last century)
  • More than 2 million people commit suicides
  • More than 5 million people die of sex related diseases (more than 20 million have died of AIDS in recent years). More than 100 million suffer from sex transmitted diseases (42 million from HIV/AIDS).
  • More than 2.2 million die of alcohol related problems. (More than a hundred million suffer from alcohol related illnesses.)
  • More than 5 million die of smoking related problems. (More than 2000 millions smoke.)
  • More than 70 million children are not allowed to take birth and are aborted.
  • Hundreds of millions indulge in gambling. 500 million are now using Internet alone for gambling. (In US alone, 20 millions show some signs of gambling addiction and 2 million divorces had gambling as a significant factor.)
  • Tens of millions of women are in prostitution and other sex related businesses (more than one million Americans alone have served as prostitutes)
  • More than 1.2 million of children are exploited annually in prostitution and other sex trades
  • More than 800 million watch pornography
  • Millions of homes are broken every year
  • Millions of women are raped every year; in many Western countries one tenth to half of all women have been raped (The total number of women who have been raped at least once is in hundreds of millions)
  • Sexual abuse of children is on the rise all over the world; in many Western countries up to one third of all people have been sexually abused in their childhood
  • Drug addiction is also persistent; tens of millions of people are addicted of harmful drugs
  • Civil wars, wars and riots for various reasons are also not showing any remarkable decline, consuming thousands of lives every year
  • Economic disparity between different countries and people of the world and among the people of the same countries is continuously growing; poverty may be on the decline but relative poverty is showing steep rise.

Islam does not rule the current world with the result that chaos prevails, as is evident from the figures cited above. Muslims of the current world have adopted Islam partially. This partial application has deprived them of the peace in its entirety. Still they are in a much better state of peace than the people living in the so-called developed world are. This is evident from the fact that they have

  • One of the lowest rates of murders
  • Almost negligible incidence of suicides
  • Very low rates of rapes
  • Negligible consumption of alcohol and alcohol-related deaths and other problems
  • Very low rate of gambling related problems
  • Extremely low level of family break-ups
  • Extremely low number of prostitutes and pornographic actors among them
  • Negligible level of sexual abuse of children
  • Very low incidence of sex-related, alcohol related and gambling related diseases
  • Relatively low incidence of drug addiction
  • Relatively low incidence of psychiatric illnesses
  • Relatively very low level of the consumption of sedatives and tranquillisers
  • Very low incidence of single parents, negligible number of children born out of wedlock
  • Relatively much lower level of promiscuity and other sexual perversion.
  • Very low level of abortions including teenage pregnancies, etc
  • Relatively low incidence of several diseases including Cancers of Penis and Cervix (due to circumcision), sex transmitted diseases, Urinary Tract Infections, other cancers due to alcohol, etc.

Agenda for Muslims

The Agenda of Dawah must not remain limited to invite people to the institution of Islam. In addition, it should involve presentation of Islam as a Comprehensive System capable of leading the Mankind to peace and prosperity. Dawah strategy must therefore be comprehensive. Some of the highlights of the Dawah must be as follows:

  1. Start Ideological aggression against the Western and other un-Islamic ideologies by showing their impact on society
  2. Stop always and only blaming ourselves for our sufferings. Introspection must be supplemented with focus on External factors.
  3. Stop feeling Inferior. Show to the world that despite many shortcomings and not following Islam the way it demands, Muslims are far more civilised than others.
  4. Stop being defensive, apologetic and defeatist. Attack the False ideologies that are based on economic exploitation, suppression and injustice.
  5. Stop toeing the lines of the Western thinkers
  6. Befriend Western people and make them aware about the designs of their political and economic masters and their impact on society
  7. Develop good relations with all religions, particularly Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, but don’t try to dilute Islamic principles in order to appease them . Their slanders against Islam can easily be answered by citing their own scriptures and making comparative studies.
  8. Take all religions with you and wage a full-fledged war against commercialisation of evils particularly gambling, alcohol, smoking and sexual misdemeanours and unhealthy sexual practices.
  9. Take left forces along with you in the fight against injustices at the international level. (Cooperate in good and piety, and do not cooperate in sin and enmity. (5:2)
  10. Develop highest levels of science and technology but do not misuse them for the commercialisation of evils.

Muslims must remember the verse of the Qur’an, “Give glad tidings to the believers and make their hearts firm, tell them that I (God) am with them.” And rest assured God’s help will come provided they unite against injustices, evils and inequalities. Mere inviting through words won’t help. Dawah must be able to show the full face of Islam. Only then Dawah will become an effective weapon against Disbelief, Disorder and Devastation.

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