Eyes Skyward

Day 5, Word: Luminescent
For Bill

* * *

Take 1:
Above or below? Up or down?
That’s the question on all our minds now.
Isn’t it? It isn’t?
Or is it just me?

Oh, I see.
Did we also pull the plug on honesty?
Am I also to watch humor pass away?
What’s a little speculation among friends anyway?

Time seems to slow before me, forming ropes of regret.
It’s a funny fickle word, this “inappropriate.”

“Cut!” Yells a faceless director from some invisible chair.
“All wrong. Start over. From ‘You just got the call.’ Yes, there.”

(As if anyone knows what to say or do…)
Fine… Take 2:

The flutter of an angel’s wings,
Unclutter a mind holding on by a string,
Rid me of these horrid scenes.
I can’t unsee nothing.

At first I was grateful I couldn’t be there,
now I imagine you everywhere.
The date we now share, my birth, your death.
Each sidewalk a reminder of your final breath.

Me? I like to think you left face up.
Eyes skyward, drinking in divine Love.
I picture that street as a canvas on which
The red cradled your head before you greeted the abyss.

But we? We will always wonder how long you felt,
and if the autumn breeze eased the hand you were dealt?
We’d like to remember you luminescent,
with no machines forcing you to be present.

[“Cut! Try again, but this time, can you give us some tears?”]

Take 3: Action. But, I’m frozen by fears.

I can’t forget you. I don’t want to.
Over my life I barely knew you.
Now that it’s too late, does it make it less true?
Is it damning to mourn, to speak as though I do?

No, love is love, no matter how distant.
And your blood is my blood, though we shared little more than this.

It must be, as they say, truly thicker than water.
Because try as I might, I, your sister’s daughter,

I am simply unable to swallow this loss.

The world’s a stage. The curtain drops.