The Velvet Rope

Day 6, Word: Velvet

Oh, wrap me in your velvet words
And drape the walls in silk.
I have thirsted for a thousand lives
To drown in this buttermilk.

I have waited for your sweetness, the smoothness of your skin.
I have called your name in silence, violence, fought you from within.

I am the one who builds and breaks,
A merchant in the guild of aches.
The one who sacrifices herself
On altars to avoid the shelf.

Of course I fear your apathy,
That stinging, burning path-to-be,
You can’t know if you’ll tire of me.
It’s a fine line between love and novelty.
But yet this noose fits perfectly.

I think I’ll try it on…

I see the way I punish you
for all the things you didn’t do

But from what I’ve tasted of rejection, I prefer regret.

Still, I’m getting older and it’s ever-colder
To walk these worlds alone.
I’ve looked long enough to know that love
Wears the cloak of the unknown.

To drop my fears, blow up these walls,
To jump into the deep.
Oh, wrap me in your velvet words
And catch me as I leap.

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