Natural Ways to Boost Health & Vitality

Lifestyle Changes for Improved Quality of Life

The Power of Vitality

Adopting an active lifestyle is an essential component needed for increasing vitality and strengthening one’s natural immunity. By implementing an integrative approach to alternative therapies, individuals can regain the energy they require for optimal physical health and increased mental performance. Dr. Michael Arata, a physician, based out of Newport Beach California who specializes in functional medicine — claims that decreased energy levels may be the result of various underlying issues including a lack of quality sleep, poor nutrition, and hormonal imbalances. With an extensive range of solutions, individuals can learn to improve various aspects of their well-being by seeking the guidance of Arata Medical. He states that his goal is to help his patients identify potential causes of illness and implement the necessary changes to live a healthy life.

Dr. Michael Arata — Make time for sleep in order to keep a strong & healthy immune system.

Quality Sleep

A lack of quality sleep can lead to multiple adverse health effects including chronic fatigue, headaches, and immune system deficiencies. Dr. Michael Arata states that because disturbed sleep precedes many chronic conditions, it is imperative that any preventive plan encompass sleep restoration. Quality rest plays an essential role in an individual’s physical health, helping the body to conserve energy throughout the night. Adequate sleep also maximizes mental performance and cognitive function, fueling productivity and improving one’s overall quality of life.

Nutrition & Exercise

Poor nutrition and low levels of activity are known to accelerate potential health issues. Regular physical activity enables individuals to maintain an average weight while improving muscle strength and flexibility. Exercise also helps prevent chronic conditions and slows disease-related decline by delivering oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues. Similarly, proper nutrition supplies one with the essential nutrients required to maintain bodily functions while strengthening the immune system.

Treating a Hormonal Imbalance

With an integrative and personalized approach to healthcare, Dr. Michael Arata can help individuals understand the broad scope of their current situation. He claims that hormonal imbalances are often the result of toxins in one’s food and environment. Likewise, stress is also considered an internal toxin and can have a detrimental impact on one’s overall sense of well-being.

Dr. Arata claims that although prescription medications may be needed to treat various issues, they can work with individuals to incorporate them into their lifestyle, by developing a personalized plan tailored to their unique physiology and goals.

Treating the ‘Whole’ Person

Arata Medical aims to treat the ‘whole person’ by viewing the body as an integrated system. Dr. Michael Arata teaches his patients to balance various aspects of their life and helps them to identify the right mix of nutrition and physical activity to increase vitality. For more information visit