Doctor Who in One or Two

Seemant Kulleen
Sep 28, 2014 · 1 min read

Doctor Who + Dr Seuss = Dr Wheuss

One: Grumpy Gramp
(William Hartnell)

Two: My Giddy Uncle
(Patrick Troughton)

Three: Bessie & Bond
(Jon Pertwee)

Four: Scarfed Jellybabies
(Tom Baker)

Five: Peter Celery
(Peter Davison)

Six: Technicolor Ego
(Colin Baker)

Seven: Played Fools
(Sylvester McCoy)

Eight: Heard More
(Paul McGann)

War: No More
(John Hurt)

Nine: Rose Again
(Christopher Eccleston)

Ten: Double/d Digit
(David Tennant)

Eleven: River & Pond
(Matt Smith)

Twelve: A Good Man
(Peter Capaldi)

I can’t actually get Doctor Who without cable TV.

I can actually get Doctor Who on Amazon Prime.

Thanks to Emergency Awesome, I can actually get Doctor Who.

I wrote this because of a challenge Charlie posed:

Describe each doctor in one or two words.

As a fan of Doctor Who, I couldn’t resist!

Doctor Whoville” from an awesome t-shirt design by Ian Leino.

(Image used with apology, not permission.)

As a fan of Dr Seuss, I couldn’t resist!

I’m Mad, Doctor

Whimsy & Tales from a madman on a boat.

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