S08E05: Architect’s Pretext

Seemant Kulleen
Oct 5, 2014 · 1 min read


This is [Karabrax]of [will rob]raxos.

The Bank of [rob the Ban]xos is [never been]pregnable.

The Bank of Karabrax[is impregnab]een breached.

You will rob [Karab]ank of Karabr[ank of].



This is the Bank of K]arabraxo[s.

The Bank of K]arabraxo[s is impregnable.

The Bank of K]arabraxo[s has never been breached.

Background: collage created using the BBC’s promo images of the Doctor Who episode “Time Heist” (Series 8, Episode 5). All images are copyright of the BBC.

The lines are taken from the episode “Time Heist” and are probably the property of the BBC.
Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat co-wrote the script.

Video: teaser preview from the official Doctor Who YouTube channel.

Your presence here is unauthorized.

A team will have been dispatched to terminate you.

Your survival depends on following my instructions.

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