First Round Draft Picks (Premier League)

The Premier League season is almost here and it’s time to draft our teams. Here are our first round picks for

10 — Hazard

In at number 10 is Eden Hazard. The cause of so much heart break for fantasy managers that drafted him last year. He makes in into our top 10 picks based off of his performances at Euro 2016 and the 2014–15 Premier League season when he won player of the season.

It should be interesting to see how he performs under Conte, a defence minded manager that may well play the 3–5–2 formation we saw Italy play at the Euros.

9 — De Bruyne

KDB — capable of goals and assists. Every few games he shows up with a massive points haul, but he needs to do this on a more consistent basis to merit a higher rank. He’s an excellent player to have and if Aguero can stay fit, Man City should run riot this season with KDB amassing a lot of points.

8 — Payet

This man is a star. A freekick expert, silky skills, and capable of both goals and assists. He scored 9 and set up an additional 13 goals last season and these numbers would have been higher had he remained fit all season long. A player that will consistently return points over the course of the season and a joy to watch play, who wouldn’t want this man in their draft fantasy football team?

7 — Ozil

In at number 7 is Ozil. The assist master with a massive 19 assists last year as well as 6 goals. Ozil finished the season with 170 fantasy football points and was the fourth highest scoring player in the game.

He started the season incredibly well looking to break all assist records, but his assists dropped towards the end of the season. This wasn’t due to his lack of creativity, but more due to Giroud and friends not converting the chances he created.

6 — Mahrez

Last season’s best player with a score of 202 points. Sixth may be a touch unfair. The big question is where he’ll be playing next season and whether Leicester can keep up last season’s form.

With 17 goals and 11 assist, this man was key to Leicester’s successes. It will be interesting to see how the departure of Kante affects his output (if at all).

5 — Ibrahimovic

The new man at Old Trafford. United are amassing a team of very talented players with Pogba set to return and the capture of Mkhitaryan and Bailly already on the cards. Mourinho looks to be putting together a team that will once again be capable of challenging for the title.

Ibra scored with a scissor kick 4 minutes into his debut. Granted it was only a friendly, but United fans can be hopeful that he’ll continue this form into the season. There should definitely be a healthy amount of skepticism about whether the great Swede will perform in the Premier League. He is getting on in age, and didn’t too much at the Euros this Summer.

4 — Vardy

Vardy finished last season with 24 goals and 8 assists. One off the golden boot. We’ve ranked just below Kane even though he scored 3 points more, because we’re not convinced he can keep up last season’s great form.

3 — Kane

Last season’s top goalscorer, but he only managed 3 assists. We expect Spurs to continue to perform. Spurs suffered an awful finish to the season dropping below Arsenal to finish third. Kane didn’t perform in the Euros either. Ponchettino may have tired his players out too much over the course of the year. With Champions League football this season as well, it should be interesting to see how he fairs.

2 — Sanchez

In second place we have Sanchez. When on form this man is prolific. So much desire to score. He overdoes it occasionally according to his manager, but fantasy managers won’t be complaining when he’s banging in the goals.

Alexis Sanchez

1 — Aguero

This man is the best in the business when fit. He was last year’s sixth highest scoring fantasy football player, but when fit would surely have ranked first. He managed 24 goals and 3 assists in 2361 minutes last season.

He’s prone to injuries, but for mere talent we rank the prolific Argentine as our number one draft pick.

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