Why Draft is the Future for Premier League Fantasy Football

Premier League fantasy football has been dominated by salary-cap, whereas American fantasy sports world has been overwhelmingly saturated by draft-style fantasy gaming.

One reason for this difference is based on how these leagues have set up building teams. In the Premier League and in club football across the globe, there is no draft and teams change based on money more than anything else. Just look at Manchester City and Chelsea, who both have really come into their own in the last decade after finding new ownership that was willing to shell out cash. In American sports, however, the draft is an essential part of building a team. How teams do in their draft will determine both their long and short term success. There are countless cases where drafts were more essential than size of their bank accounts.

Another reason major reason is that when the Premier League decided to build an official fantasy game, they went down the salary-cap road. They never offered draft and neither did any other major fantasy football provider, nor do they seem interested in adding draft anytime soon. This opened the door for other providers like our game. The question still remains, why draft? Why change the way you’re used to?

Each person has their own reasoning, but one thing that most agree on is that they are sick of everyone having the same players. The salary-cap style has a major lacking in terms of competition. With salary-cap you can set your team and then switch to have who everyone else has throughout the season, but you can’t do that with draft.

Draft requires more thought and strategy because your team is your team, and the only way to change that is by discovering a new star or by making a good trade with another manager. On top of the added competitive nature of draft is the social aspect.

Sitting around with a few beers and drafting your team with your boys/mates is one of the most enjoyable sporting event all season. Drafters look forward to Draft Day like players look forward to game day. It’s all on and it’s up to you to determine what team you’ll be bragging or complaining about all season. Then, all season you banter with the others in your league and try to figure out ways to improve your team no matter the repercussions.

I use fantasy to keep in touch with my friends from university, childhood, and believe it or not, even my roommates. With salary-cap I’m just much less involved, and I love fantasy so to be less involved seems like a waste.

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