Great Expectations Work from Home

Last night after work I went to a friend’s wedding. I got home well after midnight having put a few drinks in my tummy and dancing the night away. I had to walk part of the way home and on the way I saw my friend posted a podcast about the NBA so I listened. Two days before I brought the interns to hear from someone who wanted to make podcasts great again (Trump has definitely had an impact). The combination of the podcast I listened to and hearing about the podcast startup made me think podcasts may be a good opportunity. I was tired, but I mentioned it to my partner and we spoke about it a bit before I went to bed.

This morning I woke up early despite my late night of celebration, and I saw that my partner thought we should follow the podcast direction a bit. I did some initial research, but the real work could be done by my bio-engineering intern, who spent the previous day finding us possible affiliates.

I decided we could have a late start today so we set noon as the time to get to the library. I got there around noon to emptiness. No one came for the next fifteen minutes, even the “good intern.” Was this the beginning of the end?

Over the next thirty minutes the other interns arrived with one exception. Our Italian bio-engineer decided he didn’t want to come in. Not that he’d be late or that he was sick or something. He didn’t feel like coming.

At first I was a bit upset, and I thought I should do something. I really needed him around to give him the new marching orders of finding good podcasts, and I’d need him to translate our other Italian’s fantacalcio (fantasy football) writing. These were important. It wasn’t as much that I needed him there, but that I expected him.

He didn’t answer me for the first hour, and that was probably a good thing. By the time we spoke I realized that what was more important than anything was that he actually did the work. The location and working alongside us didn’t matter nearly as much as just doing the work.

When we spoke a bit later, I spoke to him about that and told him he could work from home but that he needed to do the work. I think this was the right decision, but it could certainly come and bite me later on. At the end of the day, I’m learning just as much as my interns are and I know mistakes will be made. This made me realize that I do what I think is right and then see how it pans out.

It happens to be in the short-term, he did the work from home and even translated the article very efficiently, which allowed us to post it in good timing. More importantly though, I realized that we had a system that could work. Our Italian football fan could write in Italian, our Italian bio-engineer could translate her work, and I could make final corrections and post them. In short we have a way to get content, which is great for our company. Teamwork is key and expectations can stay at home as long as the work gets done.

We now are finishing up the Euros with Portugal vs. Wales semi-final game, which means the Premier League game is coming up. Here comes the excitement, stress, intensity, pressure, and opportunity to grow our company in an incredible way.