Interns Produce Interns

Last night was great! I hung out with friends, put back a few beers, and finished the night with a meeting and working on the email we should have sent out. (Spoilers: We sent it today along with a bunch of other important developments.)

When I got to the library, everyone else was there, which was the first time that I came in last. It’s a weird feeling when you come in 5 minutes late to watching interns already at work. It felt a little bad, but pretty proud. Anyway, on to today’s marching orders.

We had to pause the app work in order to focus more attention on reaching out to possible affiliates, who will hopefully sell our guide in the coming months. Also, work had to be done on our premium offerings page, so that became the focus for another intern even though she did’t have the proper design program (Sketch). In the middle of discussing what everyone would focus on for the day, two of my interns informed me of some interesting news.

They each had a friend that was looking to intern. I am currently juggling three interns for the first time in my life and now there are potentially two more that are interested. I had to at least give it a shot. I told them to connect me to the interns. After hearing about them and understanding their skill set, I decided that one was a good fit and that five interns was just way too much to handle and still be efficient.

Our new intern is an Italian business student but the most important thing she brings to the table is that she actually loves football (soccer). For us that is a big deal. Until now, our fantasy football company was comprised of a team with one out of six people, who was actually a real Premier League fan. I personally understand the Premier League fantasy football market and competitive landscape better than I know the football players’ names.

The one thing about our new Italian intern is that her English is not quite at a writing level, which could prove problematic. For now, however, she is going to write articles about Fantacalcio (fantasy football) and research the Italian and Spanish markets. We’ll have to see how this ends up, but it definitely is nice to have another fan on board!

In short I learned two lessons: interns produce interns and always explore the options in front of you. So now our team is a guy from Memphis with a BA in Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies (me), a Brit with a BSc in Computer Science, a Bostonian who just studied abroad in Barcelona, an Italian studying bio-engineering, a Californian of Persian decent with a BA in Anthropology, a New Yorker studying computer science at Binghamton, and Italian studying business. Draft Fantasy has definitely grown and now the interns outnumber my partners and me.