Everything starts with a Draft

Thoughts are where it all begins. Every piece of “Knowledge Work” starts as a thought. And then thoughts evolve. They transform. They blossom. They become concrete and actionable.

They become incredible inventions disrupting the way we live. Inspiring speeches, opening our eyes and empowering us throughout our lives. Classic masterpieces, groundbreaking theories or engaged standpoints worth a Nobel Prize, or even more…

Thoughts are the true oil of a Knowledge economy. But we still largely think outside computers.

Should we change that, should we succeed in making people think from their computer, this would probably have a significant impact on the way they work. Because computers are our most important tool as Knowledge Workers.

We take for granted that when we make a Draft we have to recopy it. It started in school! Why wasting time recopying: couldn’t your Draft become the document?

Imagine what it could be like to work from your thoughts. Thoughts are shapeless. If we provide the right tools to manipulate them, they can become every kind of document. Because shaping a thought is shaping a document.

In other words, if everything starts with a Draft, Draft could be the place where all your work begins.

Want to try Draft? We have a limited number of invitations for lucky early testers! Follow us on Twitter and send us a DM, we’ll set you up.

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