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Dragonaire Beta Test Optimization Updates

Salute to all Dragon-knights! Our 3-day Beta Test 🔥 has come to an end, we are so thankful for all the participation and feedback. We will optimize the following issues in the test feedback to provide you with a better and smoother gaming experience 🥳.

Marketplace Optimization:

  • Optimize the adaptation of mobile Marketplace.
  • Add the function of opening multiple Mystery Boxes with one click.
  • Optimize gas fees from multiple payments combined into one payment while buying mystery boxes, opening mystery boxes and staking mystery boxes into game.
  • Optimize the logic between the page “Dragon” and the page “View Details”.
  • Add Marketplace transaction record query function.
  • Add Mystery Box opening animation.
  • Add the function of on-chain currency $DES to exchange in-game currency $mDES.

In-game Optimization:

  • Optimize the game simulator login process. Fix the problem that the game simulator would crash, freeze or have no response for QR code scanning.
  • Fix the problem that the game client freezes when playing battle video records on some devices.
  • Fix the problem that the game client freezes when entering the Arena on some devices.
  • Fix some text errors.
  • Reduce the difficulty of the first level of the Trial Spire (Dungeon challenge).

At the same time, we noticed that many of you did not experience the hatching system and Trial Spire very well. Don’t be hasty! ⭐️Beta Test V2.0⭐️ will start soon in the next 2 weeks, expected to last for 5 days, 500 lucky winners will be eligible! We will provide more in-game resources to satisfy your wish for a complete and streamlined game process! So stay tuned!

Lastly, congratulations to the Top 3 best game review creators who will each receive a Free Mint R-Box reward 🎁! Thanks again for your support and feedback .

❤️@ Jarkco#3675: https://medium.com/@jackalastera97/dragonaire-beta-review-1d97f8e5e2b6

❤️@ Starry#2059: https://medium.com/@792405000/dragonaires-beta-test-reviews-c852039ecae8

❤️@ Princhu#1322: https://youtu.be/5RMb7ndoZ-o

Learn more about Dragonaire:

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