DragonEx Academy Established by DragonEx for Blockchain Investment Education

Dear Communities,

The emergence and rapid development of Blockchain technology bring all walks of life remarkable impacts. Nowadays, quality projects and altcoins mix up in the market, what makes investors confused a lot.

DragonEx, as a digital asset trading platform which established in the early stage, undertakes the responsibility of the development of standardization in the Blockchain industry. Therefore, we decided to establish DragonEx Academy on September 10, 2018, dedicating ourselves to Blockchain education which includes knowledge popularization, project discussion and policies analysis, etc.

Telegram channel:https://t.me/DragonEx_Academy

Website: https://dragonex.im

DragonEx Team

September 10th, 2018

(Reposted from: DragonEx-最安全稳定的比特币以太坊交易平台。DragonEx is a safe and stable platform for Bitcoin & ETH transaction.)

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