5 Places To Play Dragonglass Miner Game

Yesterday we told you why Dragonglass chose mobile gaming as its medium. Today let’s follow up with 5 best places to play our game.

1. Okay, let’s get the obvious one out of the way. The restroom is the mobile gaming MVP. We’re brave enough to admit it. If humanity shares one experience, it’s standing up from the seat after what looked like five minutes and realizing that you’ve been sitting on the toilet for half an hour, tapping buttons like a crazy person. And your legs are numb…

2. Another place we recommend you play Dragonglass Miner is on a date you don’t want to be on. Your date will think you’re rude and leave, getting you out of that embarrassing situation. We know it’s awkward but think of all the Dragonglass you can mine while your date threatens to leave.

3. In an empty room while having an existential crisis. Why am I? What is the meaning of life? When will the App Store approve us?

4. Riding on a bus. Every finished level should be accompanied with a cheerful shout to notify other passengers of your success. When the driver stops the bus to throw you out, just tell him/her about all that sweet Dragonglass you’ve minted. When you’re thrown out, it’s because other passengers were jealous of you.

5. On a plane. After you said hello to the passengers and turned on the autopilot, just put your legs up on that panel and mine, captain.

Hope this covers pretty much every place you can play Dragonglass Miner. No? Write us on Telegram and Discord with your suggestions! Until then, happy mining!

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