And thus Little Dragons began to resist!

Welcome back, our dearest readers.

Fafner the Teller told us a story, and we decided to share it with you. Seat comfortably, grab a cup of tea and listen…

Another enduring day in Dragonpit mines has gone by. Miners are busy with their work in shafts, traders all around the Dragonpit are gathering together to showcase their newest found treasures, and Little Dragons are running tirelessly over the seemingly endless mines in order to find some precious dragon food, which they so desperately need to achieve their goal.

In one of such boundless mines, Little Dragons are scouting around extremely nimble, so those who would dare to catch or harm them wouldn’t even be able to detect their glimpse. But running in such places is never entirely safe and secure — there are many creatures, who are seeking Little Dragons for somewhat unknown reasons.

This time around, Little Dragons decided, that one of the best ways to find more dragon food is to separate from the group, which they sometimes formed in order to feel more secure. In theory, their idea should work — more of them searching through more places with the possible resource. But the world of Dragonpit has an odd way of changing right when you think you’ve got everything figured out.

At the exact moment, when one of them made its first step into the mysterious mine alone, stones around started to hover slowly above the ground. While the surrounding began trembling, evil laughter became closer and closer to the dark unknown. Terrified dragon ran as fast as it possibly could, trying to save its life. Stones, spider’s web, dust — everything became so impeding for dragon’s path to survival. Fortunately, a place, from which this group of Little Dragons spread up, was nearby.

As it turned out, most of the dragons had thought about the same thing and run for their lives. They gathered together in the main hall, connected to all previously chosen routes, and their eyes were wide open because of the same shock they had experienced. While most of them tried to calm down and take a breath, one of the bravest of them stood up and started speaking: “These Witches attack us, because alone we are weak and powerless. But let me remind you why we are doing this! Hope for a better future, where we are free from the horrors of Dragonpit and can live as equal beings, — this is why we are doing this! Let’s stop this injustice towards dragons!”. Little Dragons were speechlessly staring at it, listening to every word it was telling them. “I have a plan!” — a voice from a crowd shouted. All of them gathered in a small circle for discussion.

Evil laughter was spreading across the mines because witches were joyful over the dragons retreat. They flew back and forth with grim smiles across faces. But this satisfaction was shortly interrupted by the stone, which flew out of the darkness right in their grimace. While witches tried to understand what is going on, three dragons appeared in front of them, wearing masks. Witches became furious and rushed to them, but they faced only the dust screen, made by the dragons. The fastest dragons rushed to the dragon food location, grabbed as much as they could and headed for an escape. As soon as witches shook off the dust and sand, no dragons were there anymore. It was a successful day for this small team of Little Dragons.

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