Collectible skins are coming to Dragonglass miner!

Elijah Lyampert
Jul 22, 2018 · 4 min read
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Blockchain-based collectible skins are coming to the Dragonglass Miner. We believe that in order to succeed, blockchain gaming must switch to mobile and desktop platforms — there is no way we can unveil full gaming potential through browser games, and we are glad to be the first ones to bring blockchain powered collectible items to the mobile platforms! So let us present to you this awesome patch.

Why is this patch so awesome?

This patch introduces more than just new visuals into our Dragonglass Miner game — they are extremely rare collectible items and a new step for our vision of blockchain gaming industry. Here are a few important points that need to be considered when thinking about Dragonglass Miner patch 1.9:

  • These skins are super rare cross-game items.
  • To support early buyers, we are offering skins with a 50% discount right now!
  • Skins will be available for trading on markets and exchanges in near future.
  • Dragonglass Miner is the first mobile game to introduce collectible skins.

Dragonglass Miner is an arcade game with a built-in wallet to manage DGS tokens.

Cross-game items. First steps towards Dragonglass ecosystem.

Ability to have items that are shared across different games is one of the most powerful features that blockchain brings to the gaming industry, but still, it looks like the majority of developers don’t value this feature at all. At Dragonglass, we place this feature in the core of the Dragonglass ecosystem that we are building — every item bought in one Dragonglass game can be shared across all other games in Dragonglass ecosystem. This means, that these skins can be used not only in Dragonglass Miner but in every upcoming Dragonglass game including our upcoming game Dragonfeed!

This means, that after Dragonfeed release those who purchased skins in Dragonglass Miner will automatically see their skins in Dragonfeed inventory and will be able to use them!

This patch is a great chance for us to test many technical solutions that we are working on, and for all of you to enjoy a sneak peek into the future of Dragonglass ecosystem.

Limited offer: half of the price!

In order to encourage early buyers of skins and supporters of the ecosystem that we are developing we are selling these skins for 50% discount. Our work is supported by early adopters of our skins, and because of that, we have a moral obligation to reward our players with this discount. Don’t forget that this is the very first generation of Dragonglass skins and with more games and skins introduced they will only gain their value.

We hope that you all are going to enjoy new skins which you will be able to purchase directly from Dragonglass Miner game. Skins are available for purchase with ETH and DGS tokens.

Moreover, Dragonglass items will be available for trading in near future. We are working on bringing these skins on markets so you could trade and exchange skins among each other freely.

Also, these skins are only the start — we will introduce more skins in both Dragonglass Miner and in our upcoming Dragonfeed game. So don’t miss a chance to buy a discounted skins of the first generation, until they become too rare and hard to acquire! 😉

Only ONE of a kind!

But there is a surprise for those, who want to have more. For such enthusiasts, we are presenting two ultimately rare skinsand — both existing as a single copy! This is the great items to have in your collections, as well as a good investment because of the extreme rarity!

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Mobile platform — next step for crypto games

It is of a great concern for us that all leading blockchain games are made exclusively for browsers. Web browsers already proved to be a bad place for real gaming in the past, however, for some reason, it is the main platform for the growing industry of blockchain games. Frankly, this is unacceptable, and we are glad to be the first to introduce full loop of buying, using and sending skins on mobile platforms. In the near future more and more crypto games will be launched on mobile platforms, but Dragonglass have already been there for a while. Our experience allows us to build the best mobile crypto games and provide the most exciting user experience out there!

Download Dragonglass Miner 1.9 from Play Store and don’t forget to join our Telegram and Discord community!

Legendary and epic skins preview

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We need your feedback!

So, this is it for now. Your honest feedback is of a key importance for us! Please, check out our groups in Telegram and Discord and feel free to leave your feedback!

Important links

Dragonglass Miner app in Play Store:

Join our Telegram group:

Also, check out our Discord server:

Learn more about the Dragonglass project:

Dragonglass is the pioneer in the blockchain gaming…

Elijah Lyampert

Written by

Dragonglass is the pioneer in the blockchain gaming industry. We are working hard on a set of innovative products which will bring blockchain to mass adoption.

Elijah Lyampert

Written by

Dragonglass is the pioneer in the blockchain gaming industry. We are working hard on a set of innovative products which will bring blockchain to mass adoption.

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