DragonFeed Character Reveal!

Greetings, folks!

Today’s update is special for us. This time around, we want to share more, never before seen insights on our second game — DragonFeed! We are so excited to reveal our main character — Little Dragon! This little fellow will become very familiar to you in the next months as we progress in the game development process. This and more on DragonFeed will be our main priority in future discussions on our updated Discord channel. From now on, this Discord channel will be the main hub for the community-devs discussions and information on game development, therefore we highly encourage you to check it out and stay tuned for more insights.

Little Dragons — an agile, fast, and deft creatures of Lower Dragonpit. Their aim is to locate and collect scarce dragon food, so the dragonkind could prosper once again.
These little creatures are born for running long marathons, use their jumping skills for getting around easily, and are perfect for quick escapes!

We can’t wait for you to meet closer to these ones! Therefore, we are inviting you to the general discussion channel on Discord, where you can personally chat with us about our upcoming game! And in order for you to feel more comfortable discussing and casually talking with your friends in the community, we’ve updated our Discord channel, so it became easier to navigate and cozier to stay in!

Sadly, our community is not as active as it was during the Dragonglass Miner launch, and that is a perfect time to revive it! From now on, we are going to share much, much more information regarding DragonFeed development, as well as our experience working in Dragonglass.

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