Dragonglass Announcement + Recap

Hey there, Dragonglass Community!

In today’s message, our team at Dragonglass wants to share with you what we’ve been up to lately, especially regarding our application.

We are very happy to announce, that we are updating our app to 1.8 version, which was highly anticipated by our community. We are introducing new app — Dragonglass Miner.

Those who have our old app, can still see both versions available in Google Play. These players need to download а new one, create a backup of your wallet in the old app, and transfer it to the new app. After that, old version of Dragonglass app will no longer be needed, and you may delete it.

This is an intentional move, because currently we are working on separation of our game and our wallet, all in order to make your experience better and awesome in-general. In future, Dragonglass Miner will be integrated into our common ecosystem on the same level as our other games. For now Dragonglass Miner is going to keep its wallet features, but we are working on the absolutely new wallet app, which will be better, faster, more secure and easier to use!

Dragonglass Miner on Google Play

Another important thing is that Dragonglass app returns to the TestFlight! As some of our players might have noticed, application was temporarily unavailable on iOS, and disappeared from the TestFlight for some time. In order to tackle this problem, our team will divide an initial app into the separate apps: the game and the wallet. At the moment, we cannot agree with Apple upon our Dragonglass Miner game, so we have temporarily disabled gaming function from the app, but our iOS users can still manage their DGS tokens. But even though that game was removed from App Store, iOS version was updated to 1.7 version, with fixed bugs and better performance.

But what about Dragonglass Miner 1.8? In the 1.8 version we added lots of awesome functions, such as Ethereum wallet generation, mnemonic phrase import (everything for your security), as well as easy-to-use conversion ETH into DGS, which you will be able to do right in your app. Therefore, we are highly encouraging you to download our Dragonglass Miner app 1.8, so you wouldn’t miss any new updates!

In short:

  • We are announcing new update 1.8 with some awesome features, such as easy-to-use conversion ETH into DGS right at your smartphone!
  • Dragonglass app returned to the TestFlight.
  • Dragonglass app in TestFlight will not have mining gamification feature due to issues with Apple

Download Dragonglass Miner from Google Play

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