Dragonglass Weekly Recap

Roses are red

A baby had a mishap

Let’s start our weekly recap.

On Monday we gave you a more in-depth look into the design choices of Dragonglass Miner. We remember like it was yesterday: https://goo.gl/gCpwG6

A shout-out to our fans from all around the world! Here’s our most active markets list: https://goo.gl/7Vc5Qa

Why mobile gaming? We answered that question on Wednesday. It went something like this: https://goo.gl/YZW7ou

Ever wondered about the type of places you could play Dragonglass at? https://goo.gl/GDBpDJ

Friday got a little sassy and brought us a long-awaited 3rd issue of Dragonglass webcomic. Have a read: https://goo.gl/4ZJJLr

This was our weekly recap, have a great weekend!

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