ETH.TOWN Partnership Announcement!

Howdy, Dragonglass!
We are very excited to announce, that from now on we are partnering with ETH.TOWN!

ETH.TOWN and Dragonglass are sharing many similarities: we are both inspired by the idea of making great games using blockchain in new ways, which makes crypto industry less complex and more attractive for general audience. And also, our games motivate participation and high level of engagement. Our team will collaborate with the team from ETH.TOWN on creating an event in their game, in which all Dragonglass token holders will be able to participate!

In ETH.TOWN you will be able to become a realtor by buying out floors for certain crypto-companies in a crypto-business tower. Having your price beaten wins you a big profit, successfully buying out a floor wins you the whole floor and membership in the investors club. ETH.TOWN has unbeatable unique features and quality. There was nothing like that before!


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