Let’s dive into the Dragonglass world!

Welcome, Dragonglass seekers!

We know, that there are some of you, who are looking for more knowledge about the mysterious world of Dragonglass. Maybe, it is time to shine some light on the world we are building and tales, which spread across this realm.

Our players had already visited Dragonpit, place so isolated and deep underground, that local inhabitants evolved and morphed into something unrecognizable. This elder place was created by the Giant Dragon, a mythical creature, which was so devastated by the miners’ greed, that he destroyed the Great Palace, what has been untouched for ages. Dragonpit is full of royal remains, which were made by ancient miners from the rare mineral — dragonglass. The Great Palace, once a shining beacon of engineering genius, a piece of art, made from the dragonglass, was now in ruins, deep underground…Of course, this is only a legend… or is it?

In the seemingly endless corridors of the Lower Dragonpit, where the evil is hiding in silence, Little Dragons are desperately trying to help the last remaining descendant of Giant Dragons to grow and become larger and mightier. In the old days, Giant Dragons protected Little ones from the dangers of Lower Dragonpit. It’s been a long time since Giant Dragons disappeared and chaos in Dragonpit began. So our Little Dragons have no other option — they need to make sure that child of Giant Dragon will grow up and protect them!

There are many monsters dwell in these abandoned tunnels — hide and don’t make a sound if you are not brave enough to face the challenges of Dragonpit! However, there are those whom you can trust — Traders. Well-armed humans residing very deep underground! Seems like there were quite a few miners who have managed to reach lower Dragonpit, and have settled down here. Even though they are very well armed, their approach is polite and respectful, they are descendants of honor miners after all.

Only those miners, who were not afraid to enter the unknown, have the true knowledge about this underground kingdom. While most miners tried to survive and acquire priceless dragonglass crystals in upper layers of Dragonpit, inhabitants of lower layers were able to create and establish their own lawless society, which is able to hold together by unknown rituals and local traditions.

You will be able to meet more new characters in our new game DragonFeed! Some of them will try to help, while others will try to cripple your plans. Stay tuned for more information very soon!

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