Once upon a time in the Dragonpit…

Greetings, my dear friends.

As we promised last time, more tales from the Dragonpit will be shared with you, seekers of knowledge. Therefore, let me tell you a story…

This was a regular and calm after-a-raid nooning in the Lower Dragonpit. The last remaining alive dragons — the older and the younger ones, some of them are wise and some childish — gathered together, as usual, to tell each other how their day went, what unique and blood-curdling creatures they had seen during the long day inside the damp caves. Wretched Little Dragons were invited by the elder dragon — Fafner the Teller — the one who remembers the days of unspeakable glory, when dragons were ruling over these underground mazes, that are now known by the name of Dragonpit.

Fafner always sits here, close to the fireplace, waiting for Little Dragons to arrive from their reckless trips to the regions of Dragonpit, which were abandoned a long time ago. After all Little Dragons have calmed down, his old mouth starts moving, and creepy tales about eerie creatures, which came from Cold Lake and possess the unknown magical knowledge, start to drag Little Dragons’ attention. Detailed descriptions of bloodcurdling witches, which can destroy stones with their powers and spot enemies from miles away, made Little Dragons shake with fear.

While Little Dragons were sitting with their jaws widely open, Fafner suddenly stopped and stared into darkness — somewhere in the dark unknown, witches started their dark rituals. “I guess, it is time to tell you my secret, which I was keeping for ages, — Old Fafner told, with a glimpse of happiness on his old grumpy face. — There is someone, who can save us all.” He told them about the last remaining egg of the Giant Dragon, which he was hiding for countless years, and now it was a time for him to hatch out. “When he grows up, — Fafner continued, — he will become our guardian, protecting us from the outside threats, especially from these nasty witches.”

When the old dragon continued narrating, Little Dragons, surrounded by the sparks from a bonfire, that flew high to the cave’s dome, started to imagine bright and happy pictures of their future, where they’re no longer afraid of spine-chilling witches. But these dragons’ hopes became more blurred and far-fetched every time they heard witches’ laughter. Just like the flames and sparkles from a bonfire, that disappear under the dome.

These lively and thrilling pictures of freedom, which Little Dragons saw in their imagination because of the stories they’ve heard, gave them reliance and confidence to continue their search for better tomorrow. The youngest of them stood up and, with the tears falling down from their faces, said goodbye to their older peers. But even though they will be separated from each other, all of them believe in the future, where they can live in harmony and peace.

While the witches are howling and laughing, the bravest of dragons are picking up their belongings and going to explore distant uncharted rims of the Dragonpit…

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