CryptoBundle sale is live! 🔥🔥🔥

Greetings 👋,

Last week we had announced CryptoBundle — a unique event, held in official partnership with some of the most famous blockchain game developers. We are happy to see your excitement! But the real party is only about to start.

The CryptoBundle sale is LIVE!

Don’t waste time, get yourself a Christmas gift. 🎄

How does it work?

How to get a bundle, you ask? Well, it’s incredibly simple!

👉 Go to CryptoBundle website
🛍️ Select a bundle.
🦊 Press “Buy” and confirm it via MetaMask.
⏳ Wait… just a little bit more… and it’s done! Now you can unpack your bundle!

All bundles are filled with valuable items from all six games, however, we are particularly proud of the MEGA SUPER ULTRA BUNDLE 3000. The bundle could barely be filled with greater items than it has.

For the price of 1.5 ETH, you receive a number of goodies worth of 11.4 ETH! Let’s take a quick look at some of this incredible stuff. You can find a full list of items from this bundle on

Rare traits

Chibi Fighters provided this bundle with 8 Mythic Weapon chests. But what is inside?

Each chest contains one of 34 weapons with three random mythic stats. And as you will receive 8 of these chests, you will have a solid chance of getting a weapon with truly rare stats 😉.

Gorgeous skins

One epic Dragonglass Miner skin is not enough, neither one legendary skin is sufficient. That is the reason why we put both Old Man and Masquerade skin in MEGA SUPER ULTRA BUNDLE 3000!

Buying two skins, you do not only turn your Miner into the most fashionable one in the dungeons but also get a nice costume for your character in DragonFeed, as these are cross-game skins.

Great stats

What can be better than having an event-unique gear? Especially, if it makes you almost undefeatable? Our friends from Ether Kingdoms prepared a gear with incredible stats. And guess what, this gear is designed specially for CryptoBundle event!

Tactical Vest gives +70 percents to your Health. Huge power up, isn’t it? Good luck to who’s trying to beat you — they certainly need it.
Runner’s Pistol is an impressive piece of weaponry which adds +50 percent of damage to your attacks. Only the best ones can confront it! 🔫