So, what about games?

Greetings, fellow gamers!

Today, we have wonderful news to announce! We were working for a while on the new game, with the working title “DragonFeed”!

In order to make it the best we are collaborating on this together with talented guys fromProtascenery studio! Last week Dragonglass team had a meeting in Kiev, Ukraine, with “Protascenery” managing designer Alexzander Protasenya to discuss our common future collaboration on “DragonFeed”. He also shared his thoughts and ideas on blockchain gaming in-general and on our new game in particular. Luckily, we are both agree on what “DragonFeed” should be like, therefore working together will be very productive.

“Protascenery” studio focuses on expert helping projects with game design and prototyping. Premium PC and mobile projects is the main point of their portfolio, which makes them stand out from other gaming projects.

More information about the new game will be presented to you soon! This collaboration with magnificent game designers allows us to be more than certain that our new game will be awesome. By the way, can you guess what “DragonFeed” will be like from the title? We are curious what your speculations are.

Our roadmap has been adjusted, so that we would be able to release new game as soon as possible. We’ll keep you up to date!

Ouh, and by the way, we haven’t forgotten about the participants of our ICO! Special features, bonuses and extra items will be granted to ICO participants when “DragonFeed” is launched, so don’t miss a chance to become a part of ICO in order to be ready for a game release!

Together we have an exciting road up ahead. Dragonglass team will keep you updated on the working process. Stay tuned!


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