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Dragon’s Crossing
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Hosted by Granite, featuring founders Bloaterpunch and Samichpunch.

Dragon’s Crossing is a browser-based, web3, Role-Playing Game (RPG) launching on the Arbitrum One chain on May 31, 2023.

This will be a FULL game at launch! Yes, you read it right.

In this article you will find a summary of what was discussed during Town Hall 10:

  • This Town Hall was mostly focused on showing gameplay. Gameplay begins at 20:36.
  • Whenever an item drops, it rolls to determine what each of its stats will be. Each item has a specific range for each stat. Items that have a high rarity have additional rolls to add or boost random stats.
  • Parrying reduces damage taken by 50%. The chance to parry depends mostly on item stats and some hero stats.
  • When you level up, you need to go to the Adventuring Guild to spend your level-up points. Questing with a full experience bar does not give more experience.
  • Depositing items into your Shared Stash consumes quests. The shared stash can share items between heroes in the same wallet.
  • Moving between zones costs quests.
  • Monsters have different personalities. These personalities give the monsters different stats and bonuses. “Deadly” monsters are the most powerful.
  • Whenever you’re attacked, there’s a chance to activate Armor Mitigation. This reduces damage taken by a set amount. The probability to activate this is determined mostly by item bonuses.
  • Daily Quests have a higher chance to get loot but the monsters are stronger.
  • You get a free 100% heal each day when quests reset.
  • You can buy basic equipment from the Blacksmith. These items get stronger as you progress to higher Zones.
  • Items stored in the Shared Stash are not lost when dying.
  • A leaderboard will be available so you can see how you’re doing against the rest of the players in the season.

This summary doesn’t include 100% of the information released in Town Hall 10. I encourage you to watch it completely to get all of the information.

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