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Almond Breeze® Heads North With A Web Upgrade

Upgrading a website for an entire country brings forward an opportunity to refine both the end-user experience and improve the positioning of the product in the marketplace. At least that’s what the planners said. Anyhoo, Blue Diamond Growers came to us with a website update for Almond Breeze® Almond Beverage in Canada and we went straight to work.

Parlez-vous français et anglais? Yes.

Canada is multi-lingual. And since the Official Languages Act of 1969, both French and English have official status, and all official activity is conducted bilingually. So built-in to the functionality of the new Almond Breeze site was the need to be seamless in switching languages from English to French. This is especially important because 98.2% percent of Canadians have a working knowledge of both official languages.

Willing and Shelf-stable

This website upgrade comes in hot as Almond Breeze Almond Beverage is already the #1 shelf-stable Almond Beverage in Canada. Leveraging this existing presence in the marketplace was guiding in how the product varieties were featured. At the same time, with a product line as extensive as Almond Breeze, we also optimized the site to feature the refrigerated product as well. This allows for optimal growth in the plant-based Almond Beverage category.

Smoothies and SEO

A one-to-one replacement for dairy milk relies on recipe collections to both increase consumption and extend branded product lines. For the Almond Breeze Canada site, we refined the SEO to streamline the consumer journey to featured recipe collections, centered on the ever-popular Smoothie. Smoothie recipes are a great way to explore all the flavor combinations of Almond Breeze and help lead website visitors to try other recipes from desserts to entrees.

There’s nothing like the opportunity to bring brand-level strategic planning together with UX. It’s the opportunity to merge marketing objectives with the real human web experience. It’s here that having a range of tools in your wheelhouse can make all the difference. We’re grateful that brands like Blue Diamond Almond Breeze give us the opportunity to put all that into practice.

Merci beaucoup, big time.



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