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Finding (Home) Love Online

CBH Homes Heart System Branding

CBH Homes is all about LOVE. Bold, loud, bright-red, rock-n-roll love. They’re also Idaho’s number one home builder with one clear goal: To make the dream of homeownership a reality. And, if you’re watching the Boise housing market explode — with listings being sold sight-unseen or only spending hours on the market — you know how much users need new and better tools to dream, search, save, and buy. Our challenge was to create a user experience that connects the modern consumer to their dream home during a period of record low housing inventory in Idaho.

CBH has over 200 move-in-ready homes spanning Boise, Nampa, Kuna, and Star. We needed a way for people to get excited about the availability that CBH offers, save their favorites, and return to the website to eventually tour and buy a home.

Heart System + Tour Now Icons
Facebook/Google Account Login Integration

Create an Account and ❤️ Your Favorites

The modern consumer expects a personalized experience. We saw the opportunity to add that layer of personalization to the home-buying process in the most LOVEable way possible — the ❤️.

The website supports an already robust and filterable catalog of home listings, communities, and floorplans, but we needed a platform where consumers could create and manage their own profiles. This enables them to easily save the listings they want to tour, floorplans they love, or communities that seem like a good fit for their family. Using social logins with Google or Facebook made the process even more seamless. And, by asking for some simple preferences (like beds, baths, price range, and features), we’re able to show listings that better match what home buyers are looking for. Plus, it gives CBH valuable insights into their audience's wants and needs, allowing them to leverage real, honest, first-party data for planning and business decisions.

Share List URL

Since home buying is often a collaboration, we gave users the option to spread the love and share their list of favorite homes with loved ones via a link, or Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This also gives a new tool to CBH’s sales agents since they can now encourage their clients to share their favorites so they can review and recommend other options as well.

Take the Quiz

Our next step was to give users a personalized method of discovering more homes to add to their favorites. Since Drake Cooper is home to several Buzzfeed quiz junkies, we knew there was only one way. Just as fun and slightly more productive than your average online quiz, The Dream Home Quiz leverages a powerful algorithm to play matchmaker to CBH home buyers, providing a “Match Score” alongside home listings. And, since all of these preferences are saved in the user’s profile, they’ll continue to see their Match Score on each listing when they come back to the site.

CBH Dream Home Quiz: 6 Questions to Get Your Home Matches

Buy Online (Yeah, Really)

What can’t you buy online now? Brands like Carvana and Casper have challenged market leaders with what we think of as necessary and intimate in-person purchases and, instead, created a completely different online experience. Along with personalization, we added the next layer for home buyers: making their dream a reality in a cutthroat market. With the “Buy Online” feature, visitors can now reserve their home for a small fee and initiate the purchase process, ensuring their dream home doesn’t get scooped up by someone else.

Buy Online UI/UX

Meeting the Modern Consumer on Their Terms

With the mass adoption of digital tools in the path-to-purchase, brands must level up their game. Sometimes you can leverage those tools, and often, you have to blaze your own trail. Either way, the modern consumer expects more than ever. They need polished, intuitive experiences, and they also expect value for their screen time. With CBH Homes, we’ve realized more than ever that messaging is no longer a one-way channel and brands can provide more value to consumers with a personalized digital experience that they’ve come to expect.




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