Printing for a Purpose

Madeleine Pier
Apr 8, 2020 · 2 min read

Sometimes the call to help comes in the most unusual of ways. Back in February, Drake Cooper purchased a 3D printer. Not for any particular reason. We just wanted to explore, create, and maybe down the road, do something cool for our clients.

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Last week, we found a bigger purpose for our 3D printer. A Don Day tweet led us to an initiative driven by Boise State University. This initiative, called Project Face Mask, was the perfect opportunity to put our printer to work. The sign-up form states that “Boise State University, by way of Griff Allen of the College of Engineering and Amy Vecchione of Albertsons Library, is working to lead efforts to create face shields for health care workers in Southwest Idaho.”

Our community is hyper-aware of the shortage of masks and PPE for healthcare workers working so hard to take care of all of those affected by COVID-19. Although Drake Cooper’s printing efforts are small, we are still proud that we are able to participate in this amazing movement led by Boise State.

Drake Cooper / Studio Producer, David St. John, is leading the printing charge from our Boise office, where he is completely isolated with no others on the premises. He is taking extreme caution and following all sanitary guidelines. Drake Cooper has an Ender-5 3D printer, and we are able to print one mask about every six hours. As of Friday, April 3rd, we were able to deliver eight masks to Boise State’s program and will be delivering eight more this coming Friday.

Given the state of the pandemic, we will continue printing these masks for the foreseeable future. We want to thank all organizations that are also helping to print as many face shields as possible. The more face masks local hospitals have readily available, the more lives medical professionals can help save. If you would like to participate in this effort, please contact Heather Kimmett at Boise State.

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