The Last Call: Episode 1

an audio play series by Ernio Hernandez ©2017

original photo by Alex Knight
Listen along to the audio ©2017

MUSIC: Fade in on middle of a song. Guitar music plays a few bars, voice sings over final notes.

AHOTE (into microphone) …So, just get out of here, take the keys to my truck, ’cause frankly my dear, I don’t give a fuck.

SOUND: A “woo” amid light applause.

AHOTE Thank you. I am Ahote Black. I’m gonna take a little break now and be back in a few.

SOUND: A guitar and gear being set down.

AHOTE Oh, if that’s the one you came for, the rest of my setlist is nothing like it and I don’t want to piss anyone off, so… have a good night.

SOUND: A few claps, awkward laughs.

SOUND: Phone dialing and picked up.

SKY (answering, through phone) Hey Maya, what’s up?

MAYORCA Oh, Sky, you’re a sound for sore ears.

SKY You need me to come in, don’t you?

MAYORCA I know it’s your night off, and I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t Ahote’s last night. Two! I have two of the damn millennials on the schedule and neither one has even texted. And they can’t be bothered to actually pick up a call.

SKY That’s not how phones work now, Maya. (exaggerated sigh) Let me put on a bra and I’ll be right down.

MAYORCA (laughing) I owe you three. My tips are yours tonight.

SKY Mama, I love you, but keep your tips. I’ll be good.

MAYORCA Extra night off next week then.

SKY Sold.

SOUND: Phone hung up.

VY Hi!

MAYORCA Oh, just a second, sorry. What can I get you, hon?

VY Sure, an IPA?

MAYORCA Brown Pete’s okay?

VY Yes. Thanks.

VY Did I hear you say tonight was Ahote’s last night?

MAYORCA Yeah. I can hardly believe it.

SOUND: Glass setting and pouring of beer.

VY But he’s been here since you guys opened, right?

MAYORCA Almost. Well, just about. He came to our first attempt at an open mic night. First and ONLY I should say. He was a godsend.

VY Wow, where’s he going?

NEMA (shouting abruptly) He’s going to be famous!

MAYORCA That I don’t know. (to Nema) Hey hon, can I get you another?

NEMA (slurred speech) Me? Ohh, uh, uhhh, NO! No, I’m okay for now.

MAYORCA Okay, wave me down if you’re ready for another. Food? Anything from the kitchen?

NEMA No. Nothing yet. Thanks.

VY How much do I owe you?

MAYORCA Five’ll do it.

VY Thanks. Oh, speaking of Ahote, I’m supposed to meet his manager here? Tate?

MAYORCA (laughing) Oh is that what he’s calling himself now? Manager?

VY Uhh. That’s what he told me.

MAYORCA Huh. Behind you there, long brown hair, wheelchair.

VY Thanks again.

SOUND: Footsteps walking.

VY Excuse me, Tate?

TATE Yeah?

VY Hi, it’s Vy, Stream Magazine, we emailed each other.

TATE Vy, yes! Hi, sorry. Please, please come, sit.

VY Thanks. Actually, do you mind if I just set my drink down and hit the ladies’ before we chat?

TATE Not at all, past the stage on the right.

VY Perfect.

SOUND: Footsteps walking, clicks of phone, dialing sound.

VOICE: (on phone) Thank you for calling Stream? How may I direct your call.

VY Hey Seana, it’s Vy. Can you get RJ, have him send me a tech with a camera and sound kit. At the Vista Maya downtown. I’ll text him the address. Tell him I’ve got something good.

SOUND: Click of phone hung up.

VOICE: The Last Call is an audioplay series written by Ernio Hernandez, produced and featuring music by Michael Aquino. Full series at Voices featured include Michael Aquino, Gus Ibranyi, Christine Mariani, Marilyn Muñoz Ricco, Dania Ramos and Lou Ricco. Special thanks to Kate Hernandez for continued support, Dania Ramos and listeners like you. Cheers.

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