The Last Call: Episode 2

an audio play series by Ernio Hernandez ©2017

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SOUND: Stagedoor opening, closing, muffled music from within.

FAN Hey, Ahote!

AHOTE Hey, man.

FAN Wanna bum a smoke?

AHOTE Thanks kid, but I quit that shit a long time ago.

FAN I know, I should to.

AHOTE Your life, kid. Live it like you want. Just not for me.


SKY (mimicking) Ohh, Ahote, have my babies!

AHOTE Ugh, hey Sky.

SKY Enjoying the spoils of your fame yet?

AHOTE You curse at the end of one song and suddenly everyone’s listening.

SKY Hipsters, what can you do?

AHOTE Blame my brother, I guess. Hey, thought you were off tonight?

SKY You and me both. Thems the breaks when you live above the office.

AHOTE Something about shitting where you eat, right?

SKY Yeah. Hey, sure you don’t want to stick around for a little longer? ride this out a bit? I certainly can use the extra tips now that you’re bringing them in.

AHOTE Nah. Gonna take a little break from it all. My brother’s been working me to the bone, recording all my old shit.

SKY Alright. Well, hey if I don’t see ya around later, “Thanks for the memories.” Gonna miss your sorry ass.

AHOTE Thanks, Sky.

SKY Let me get in there, before Maya drowns herself in the rum.

AHOTE There are worse ways to go.

SKY Ha. Say that again.

SOUND: Sky opens door, music swells and door shuts, footsteps.

TATE Hi, Sky!

SKY Tate. Lemme check in with Maya, you good?

TATE Oh yeah, fine for now. (to Vy) You need anything?

VY Nope.

TATE (to Sky) All good, go settle in.

SKY Told your brother not to leave us.

TATE I know.

SKY Fucker!

TATE That’s Sky, one of the regular waitresses here.

VY Great. So, seems like a good crowd, a good gig, he’s in with the staff, why is your brother leaving?

TATE Oh, well… he’s gonna concentrate on recording some more, got some studio time lined up, he’s gonna take advantage of the time while he’s got it.

VY While he’s got it? He’s not sick, is he?

TATE No. Oh, no, nothing like that. Just a shift in focus. His new song is really taking off, getting airtime on a lot of the college and indie stations.

VY Since the commercial…?

TATE Yeah, they heard about his work and asked for the rights. It’s a good company, so we thought it was a good move for him right now.

VY When did you start helping your brother out?

TATE Well, all my life really…

VY Of course, but in a managerial sense, I mean.

TATE Ah, well. (A sigh.)

VY Pardon, I don’t mean to pry.

TATE No, it’s okay. I suppose I kinda stepped up really back when we lost our parents.

VY Sorry, I didn’t know. Was it sudden?

TATE Yeah, car accident. Mom and I were on the side of impact. That’s how I earned these wheels. Steering column collapsed my Dad’s lung, both our parents pronounced dead on the scene.

VY Oh my God. And Ahote?

TATE He escaped the hands of Death without a single scratch.

VOICE: The Last Call is an audioplay series written by Ernio Hernandez, produced and featuring music by Michael Aquino. Full series at Voices featured include Michael Aquino, Gus Ibranyi, Dania Ramos and Lou Ricco. The song “Only Human” was written by Tim Conway and performed with Deena Shoshkes. Special thanks to Kate Hernandez for continued support, Dania Ramos and listeners like you. Cheers.

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