The Last Call: Episode 3

an audio play series by Ernio Hernandez ©2017

original photo by Sérgio Alves Santos
Listen along to the audio ©2017

SOUND: Bell.
VOICE: Order up!

MAYORCA Thank you, mijo.

SOUND: Plate on bar.

MAYORCA Here you go, hon.

NEMA Oh. I didn’t order this.

MAYORCA No. I did for you, Nema. On the house.

NEMA Oh, thanks…

MAYORCA You’re drinking a little more than usual. Not good on an empty stomach, hon.

NEMA Thank you, sorry. Guess I’m a little nervous.

MAYORCA Blind date?

NEMA Oh. No. Just. I was hoping to talk to Ahote.

MAYORCA Little liquid courage, I get it. Just eat a little something, I don’t want to have to haul you out of here on a stretcher.

NEMA Sure.

MAYORCA Speak of the devil…

AHOTE I prefer fallen spirit.

MAYORCA Can I get you a last supper?

AHOTE I was thinking a drink, but I wouldn’t say no to one of those midnight sandwiches.

MAYORCA Medianoche, coming up. Bring it to the back for you?

AHOTE Perfect. Thanks, Maya.

MAYORCA Another beer?

AHOTE Nah. My throat is pretty rough tonight.

NEMA I think you sound great, Ahote.

AHOTE Thanks, darling. (to Mayorca) Can I get another shot of whiskey with some lemon and honey?

MAYORCA Yeah, lemme go grab some honey.

NEMA I read that Ahote means “restless one.”

AHOTE I wouldn’t believe everything you read. But if the shoe fits…

SOUND: Footsteps approaching.

TATE Ahote. Ahote, I’d like you to meet Vy.

AHOTE Hi, Vy. I was actually just heading backstage.

TATE She’s the music writer who was talking about a feature.

AHOTE I’d love to chat, but the pipes are a little rusty tonight. Mind if we talk later?

VY I’m here to listen too. Happy to let you finish your set.

AHOTE Mighty kind of you.

VY I’ll go patch into the soundboard, Tate. Nice to meet you, Ahote. Speak to you later.

SOUND: Glass on bar.

MAYORCA Here you go, Ahote.

TATE Hey, I need you to talk to Vy.

AHOTE I will, Tate. I said I would.

TATE You coulda been a little nicer, she’s thinking of doing a whole spread on you.

AHOTE Tate, I said I’d talk to her. If you didn’t have me recording all week, maybe my throat wouldn’t be so fucking sore.

TATE Fine.

MAYORCA Ahote, your medianoche awaits. One more whiskey?

SOUND: Swig and glass on bar.

AHOTE (exhales) Yeah, thanks.

SOUND: Pouring in glass.

TATE Have a good set.

SOUND: Footsteps.

MAYORCA You’re pushing him too hard, Tate.

TATE Well, I wish I didn’t have to Maya, but…

MAYORCA (abruptly) I know. I asked you to not…

TATE Just saying, it’d be easier if we weren’t losing this gig.

MAYORCA (through her teeth) I said not here.

TATE Fine. Can you have Sky help set up Vy with sound?

MAYORCA Looks like she’s already talking to her.

TATE Oh. Great.

NEMA Tate.


NEMA Tate? Hello, I’m Nema.

TATE Yeah, hey how are you.

NEMA Great. Can I talk to Ahote later too?

TATE What?

NEMA Can you set up a time for me?

TATE For what?

NEMA Oh, sorry, no I thought. I don’t know.

MAYORCA Nema’s a big fan of your brother. (whispers to Tate) She’s had a few too many. Be gentle.

TATE Oh, sure. Well, he’s got a big interview with a magazine after the show, hon, so I don’t know if he’ll have time.

NEMA Oh. Ok. He’s your brother?

TATE Yeah.

NEMA Wow. That’s amazing. You look nothing alike.

TATE Look, I can get you a signed photo, but I’m sorry I can’t do much else for you tonight.

NEMA A photo, thanks. Can he sign it “To Nema,” I’ve been his #1 fan since I first saw him here.

TATE That’s nice. I’ll see what I can do.

NEMA Thank you. It’s Nema. N-E-M-A.

TATE Sure. Got it.

NEMA Oh, Tate. He’s going to be famous.

VOICE: The Last Call is an audioplay series written by Ernio Hernandez, produced and featuring music by Michael Aquino. Full series at Voices featured include Michael Aquino, Marilyn Muñoz Ricco, Christine Mariani, Dania Ramos and Lou Ricco. Special thanks to Kate Hernandez for continued support, Dania Ramos and listeners like you. Cheers.

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