9 days till Credo liftoff!

So, we’re 9 DAYS from the big sale and if you haven’t heard yet, legendary VC Tim Draper announced his investment in Credo this morning! Huge news.

Tim mentioned that Credo and BitBounce make email a market. Brilliantly stated. We’re ushering in the next evolution of email, solving many of the problems and negative externalities that exist right now.

I wrote yesterday about how to be prepared to buy Credo. Part of being prepared is making sure that you’re up to speed on our solution. So, today, I’d like to encourage you to read through the Credo whitepaper here:

Credo Whitepaper

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post or join the Credo Owners Facebook group, and I’d be happy to give you answers!