Upcoming Events: Spring 2019

Where we will be this Q1 — events in February and March, hosted by our own DVN Member funds: Blume Ventures, Manutara Ventures, Draper Cygnus, ACE, and Draper Venture Network.

February 28th: Blume Ventures’ Blume Day in Mumbai, India

Blume Ventures, DVN’s early-stage, India member fund, hosts its 8th annual Blume Day. Once again, Blume brings the Indian startup and venture ecosystem together with its portfolio for a day of learning, ideation, networking. You can read more about 2018’s Blume Day here. 2019 will not disappoint.

March 17th–26th: DVN’s General Partner Spring Forum in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil

Draper Venture Network is going on a South America startup and venture ecosystem tour next month! Draper Cygnus, Manutara Ventures, and ACE are hosting.

35+ of our Member Fund General Partners from around the globe will travel to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Our Network will learn about the region’s entrepreneurial communities with local visits to top-performing billion-dollar companies, government officials at the highest level, and cultural activities such as Argentine tango and polo.

Each year the DVN GP Spring Forum is an opportunity for Network partners to share investing best practices, share the latest deals, and grow in camaraderie while enjoying the local culture. You can revisit 2018 highlights here.